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Oct 16, 2008 08:45 AM

Seattle seems to be lacking good Breakfast Burritos...

I just moved back to Seattle after living in LA for 4.5 years and the biggest thing I miss, (besides the 80 degree weather in the winter) is great mexican food - more specifically great breakfast burritos. I often get to work having a small bite to eat before jumping on the bus and find myself hungry around 10. This is when I would have gone to get a great breakfast burrito in LA, but here....

Please help me! I'm looking anywhere close to downtown, because thats where my office is, but if you've found any outstanding places anywhere else, it might be worth a drive.


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  1. NY Deli (across the hallway from deLaurenti's at Pike and 1st) has breakfast sandwiches until 11am iirc but i have not tried them yet. I think the Starbucks in the lobby of the WaMu bldg (Union and 2nd) has breakfast burritos but haven't tried them. The burrito place in Century square food court (3rd/4th and Pike/Pine) also has them iirc.

    1. I don't know what breakfast burritos in LA are like so you may guffaw at my suggestion but I like the burritos at Beba's Deli in the Seattle Municipal Tower, up on level 6. (There's another Beb'as at 3rd and Columbia-ish. Don't know if they have them, too.) With beans and fresh pico de gallo, yum... And I had one the other day at abou 10:30 and I didn't eat again until dinner.

      Oh, and I'm wondering if Blue Water Tacos does a good breakfast burrito? There's one at 2nd and Madison and others that I've seen around the city. I used to go there for lunch and thought the food was pretty good. Might give that a try.

      1. Blue Water Taco has them, they aren't great but they are on the menu. Also the Mexican Grocery in Pike Place Market has breakfast tacos and burritos they have odd hours sometimes they are open at 9:00 am next time they aren't open until 10:00 am.

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          1. I always order breakfast burritos at Chinook's, but I only go there for Sunday brunch. Not sure if they're available on weekdays.