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Oct 16, 2008 08:43 AM

Prezza Redux--what to get next?


went to Prezza for the first time last month and loved it. It was part of a little tour, so we just had apps. Loved it--here's an excerpt from my post about that night:

"Next, on to Prezza for drinks and apps. We split the roasted figs stuffed with gorgonzola and wrapped in prosciutto--another favorite of mine and this one done so very well! We also split the fried zucchini blossoms over tomatoes and polenta. Very tasty. These were savored with a Bastianich Tocai for me and and old vine zin for sister--both great wines."

While I would love to recreate that, I'm wondering what folks are enjoying there right now, as I will be back for dinner.

I've been looking at their menu and love the sound of so many dishes. Any favorites at the moment?

Many thanks!

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  1. The paella is amazing as is the veal chop. It would be a tough choice between the two.

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    1. re: Pegmeister

      I was a bit surprised to learn that they even served paella, so I took a look at their on-line menu. Their entrees selection has almost zero Italian dishes on it, on a quick glance. And all this time I thought it was an Italian restaurant.

      I'd never been there (obviously!) and have been scared away a bit by the prices. Now I'm scared away by the entrees on the menu.

    2. The corn raviolini w/ rock shrimp is great as is the crispy shrimp appetizer. Didn't have the mushroom risotto w/ pancetta but it sounds awesome.

      1. Some of our favorites:

        Any of the homemade pastas - lobster fra diavolo, or seasonal like pumpkin ravioli with brown butter and sage or chestnut ravioli with braised duck - though I love them all. My husband's favorite is the corn ravioli with rock shrimp and pancetta.
        Mushroom risotto
        Squash arancini with lobster
        Wood-grilled squid and octopus over braised cannelini beans

        My husband loves the wood-grilled dishes like the veal porterhouse with saffron risotto, or the bone-in tenderloin with asiago potato gratin.

        I second the paella that Pegmeister mentions.

        Hmmm.... not sure how familiar Ralphie is with Italian cusine that he is "scared away" by the menu as he thinks there is "zero Italian". Check out the pastas made-in house (ravioli, tagliatelle, gnocchi), risotto, arancini, and entrees such as the homemade meatballs and sausage with polenta, pork chop with vinegar peppers, venison with braised greens, roast duck with chestnut polenta cake, veal with saffron risotto....

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        1. re: Rubee

          I love the gnocchi at Prezza. Amazing sauce....

          1. re: Rubee

            Hi Rubee. I consider myself *somewhat* familiar with Italian cuisine. I didn't say "zero Italian" but ALMOST zero when glanced at the ENTREE section of the *online* menu. Not the pasta section. Believe it or not, I did know that homemade pasta is Italian.

            But I am not familiar enough to know that venison is braised greens is Italian (never noticed it on an Italian menu before...learn something new every day). I guess what I'm saying is that in the entree sections, anything that sticks out as Italian to me is only the sides accompanying the entree (risotto cake, broccoli rabe, etc) not the entrees themselves, with the exception of the veal and pork chop.

            I'm still scared of the prices, but hope to venture in some time to check out the apps and pastas at least.

            1. re: Ralphie_in_Boston

              Yes, venison is a classic Italian dish in regions of Italy, as are braised greens such as escarole, broccoli rabe, rapini, etc. Prezza is actually named after a town in the Abruzzi region (the hometown of the chef/owner's grandmother). I was just pointing out that to post that Prezza's entree menu has "almost zero Italian dishes" is totally incorrect.

              Anyway, I agree, that's a great way to check Prezza out for your first visit - maybe sit at the bar and try an app and/or a half-portion of the pasta. Portions are generous - I'm usually full by then and skip the entree. As a bonus, bartenders are very nice, and they make great cocktails too ; )

              1. re: Rubee

                I just realized something else, and I'm a bit embarrassed about this: my initial reaction leading to my Almost Zero Italian comment was likely based on the menu not being written in Italian. Doh!

                Don't get me wrong, I'm nowhere near being fluent in Italian, but I like seeing the names of the dishes written in Italian, then translated. Silly I know. And although I still don't specifically recall seeing venison on a menu, I looked up the word for it "Cervo" and I certainly have seen that word many times (not knowing what it meant until now).

                Now I'm really interested in going there.....come ON holiday bonus!

                *eta: Thanks also for explaining the origin of the resto name. I thought its name meant "Price" but that's "prezzo" .. hey, at least I was close!

          2. As I've often said before, you can split an antipasto, a primo, and a secondo between two people and make a very nice meal here. I think the wood-grilled meats are really nice, and I never go without getting (splitting) a pasta. They also do half-orders so you can try more than one.

            1. Thanks for all the great recs and debate! A bunch of us went last night and so got to do a bit of sampling.

              I tasted a DCs chestnut risotto--great; split a pumpkin ravioli app--perfect; and had the venison as an entree--beautifully prepared, spot on med-rare, served with tasty pumpkin mashed and braised escarole. Perfect for a Fall evening. Also tasted a DC's lobster fra diavolo--delightful. Every thing was terrific!

              We passed around the bread pudding and lemon cheesecake. Both were great. the cheesecake was atypical in that it was much less heavy then most (riccotta? marscapone?) by this time I was truly too sated to investigate--but I know it was great.

              I will say did not love the smokiness of the sauce wtih my venison, but I offer this up only to show I don't just say "everything's great", "yum yum" etc. However, I still manged to devour it!

              So many wonderful choices! It was nice to have a full on meal there, but I will say I very much concur that this is one place that is enormously conducive to haviing drinks and sharing apps etc., to maximize potential of trying so many great dishes.