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Oct 16, 2008 08:31 AM

mille feuille/st honore cake-where and how long does it keep

I need to order an Italian St. Honore or mille feuille cake
I need it first thing in the morning for work, Front and Simcoe area.

My questions are:
1. Where can I order a truly fabulous Italian St Honore cake?
2. How will I be able to pick it up in the morning and still be downtown
before 8am?
3. If I pick it up the night before, how crisp will it be, there is nothing worse then
soggy or even slightly soggy puff pastry?

I live in the Yonge Davisville area, husband is in the maple area in the afternoons.

Please help...

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  1. Daniel et daniel have it on their menu, and they cater corporate breakfasts so I think you might be able to arrange an early pick up. I don't know what Italian St Honore cake means though?

    1. I'm not sure what an Italian St. Honore cake is, but Patisserie La Cigogne makes St. Honore cakes. They open at 7:30 so you just might be able to make it to Front and Simcoe around 8.

      1. I think this is what I know as mille foglie cake (flaky puff pastry sheets with vanilla pastry cream, often with strawberries as well???) I got one from san remo bakery in etobicoke a few months back for my dad's birthday, and it was good, although not as good as the ones we used to get at la favorita bakeryin hamilton. I have since discovered that Tre Mari Bakery on St. Clair near Lansdowne makes one as well, but I haven't had the opportunity to try it. I think they open pretty early. (Can't speak to how well the product from either bakery would sit over night, but generally my experience with this kind of cake is that it's much better if consumed shortly after it's made.)

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          We got a great one from La Sem, but that's in Mississauga. Can't say how it would last overnight though.

          1. re: tjr

            We order from La Sem all the time (we get the coffee cream as opposed to vanilla & strawberries, and it is really delicious) Unfortunately, it is always soggy the next day. I would not recommend storing any mille foglie cake overnight.