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Oct 16, 2008 08:25 AM

Yi-Xing teapot / Pu-erh tea in greater Boston ??

Greetings -

Anyone know of a place in Boston's Chinatown (or in greater Boston) where

i) one might buy a small (100-120ml) Yi-Xing teapot?
ii) one might buy and/or sample Pu-erh tea?


- Richard

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  1. i've had brewed pu-erh at The Otherside Cafe on Newbury Street, and seen the tea leaves (fungus?) for sale at Teazone in Somerville.

    1. Try Upton Tea in Hopkinton Ma for the Pu-erh. They don't have a retail store, but they do have some rare, high end teas.

      1. I remember getting a very good 15 year old cooked pu-erh at the Boston Park Plaza for tea. Would be willing to bet that they can put together a serious tasting with some advance notice.

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          Indeed, Cynthia Gold at the Boston Park Plaza can put together a special Pu'er tasting, and they definitely have some Pu'er tea available both for drinking there as well as buying loose. The Park Plaza is indeed the best place for truly high-end teas in the Boston area. I like some of the Mark T. Wendell teas (particularly their Keemun) but not Pu'er. The suggestion for Upton Tea is extremely well placed.

          As for Yixing tea pots, you can find some at Dado Tea in Cambridge, but you won't find a good selection anywhere local, to my knowledge. Some of the finest Yixing teapots I've seen outside of China can be found on the website of Sensational Teas (

        2. teapot - try the restaurant supply store in Chinatown - Food Service Equipment & Supply - on corner of Harrison and Beech, I think