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Oct 16, 2008 08:08 AM

Help w/ My Menu

I'm having friends over this weekend who have requested a low-carb is what i'm thinking:

Leek Soup
Arugula/Fennel/Shaved Pecorino Salad w/ lemon vinagrette
Sliced hanger steak w/ shallots/mushrooms/red-wine sauce
Sauteed Green Beans w/ shallots and sliced almonds

Do you think this is a good combo? Any ideas for modifying, etc.??

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    1. I think your guests will be very pleased and impressed. I am.

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      1. re: Gio

        Thanks! Need a little reasurance from the Hounds!


      2. It looks really good! I think it is plenty of food, though I know some people like potatoes with their steak, though I think the menu is perfect.I bet it will be fun!

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        1. re: cassoulady

          Looks delicious- what about something to sop up what I'm sure will be a delicious sauce- if potatoes and bread are too carb-y, maybe mashed cauliflower?

        2. Sounds great!

          Tell me more about the soup and the sauce on the steak, please.