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Oct 16, 2008 07:16 AM

Durham, NC: Any news on old Pao Lim/new Kimono restaurant?

Passed Pao Lim on 15-501 earlier in the week and was surprised to see signs up about Kimono restaurant "opening soon" -- what happened? Did Thai Cafe take all of Pao Lim's business? Then again, the last time I ate there (takeout, admittedly), it wasn't good....

Also, can Durham support more sushi restaurants? Seems like a LOT of them around now...not that I mind as I'm a big fan....but with the it doomed before it opens???

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  1. The Indy had a piece on the change in this week's issue. The didn't state any reasons though, only that it appears the owner of Pao Lim is the one turning it into a Japanese place.

    I'm bummed. The Crispy Tofu at Pao Lim was one of my favorite dishes.

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    1. re: statolith

      I'll miss the chili chicken and corn soup.

      1. re: statolith

        I loved Pao Lim too. The owner was really nice. So the management is going to stay the same?

      2. They have actually brought back all the Pao Lim dishes (plus some new ones!) because people were so disappointed that they couldn't get the Pao Lim dishes they enjoyed before. They also have all the Japanese food too.

        The owners are the same.

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          My husband came home with the new menu yesterday. My favorite dishes have returned! This is great news.