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Oct 16, 2008 07:06 AM

Saturday lunch at York University

I'm taking a course at York University for the next 2 Saturdays near the student centre.

Are there any food vendors open on Saturday on campus?

What are the off-campus options within minimal walking distance? I only have 1 hour and I'm car-less, so quick is ideal.


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  1. When I used to go there, the Student Center food court was open on Saturdays. In York Lanes, the Falafel Hut was pretty much always open (and was the best available on-campus dining option in any case).

    Here are the hours for the places in York Lanes:

    And here's a list of what's in the Student Center: Most of which should be open on a Saturday (on Sundays, only one thing is open and which one changes from week to week).

    1. I agree with Jacquilynne, the best places to eat are York Lanes or the Student Centre. I used to eat at Pagoda once in a while (Canadian Chinese) and it was fresh, filling and tasty. I also liked the Falafel Hut and Blueberry Hill had good burgers and breakfast.

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        I third the rec for falafel hut. I loved their chicken schwarma. Everything there is fresh and affordable. The best lunch place at York hands down.
        Everything else is passable. Blueberry Hill offers a decent breakfast. There are a few other places in york lanes you might want to check out as well (indian, italian, bagel shop, healthy fruit/salad bar).

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          If you're ordering the shawarma (do try the plate), ask them to slice you some fresh meat as opposed to giving you the stuff in the small bins. Also avoid their cold falafels!

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        1. I spent 5 years at York and I can tell you that the food there is good - but not great.
          Blueberry Hill is great for chicken fingers and other greasy fare.
          I am also a fan of Pagoda - but know people who haven't had great experiences there.
          My favorite place on campus is the Absinthe Pub - it is in the basement of Winters college (a 5 min. walk from the student centre) They have home-style food and good, fresh specials. Stew in a bread bowl and pirogies were my favs. It's also a quiet little pub where you can curl up with your books in a booth and actually relax during your meal!

          1. Falafel Hut's your best bet for good, affordable food, within the walking perimeters. There's also Popeye's if you want fried chicken, or anything of the sort.. that's about where I would spend my money while there. And for a more higher end meal, there's the Schulich Executive Lounge...