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Oct 16, 2008 07:00 AM

Pasta dinner? Marine Corps Marathon..

Where is a good spot to get good cheap Italian food for carb loading for the marathon?

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  1. Anna Maria's, on CT, north of Dupont. It's not fancy at all, but it's decent, homemade Italian, and it comes with some fantastic tomato foccacia that'll help you with your carbs, too.

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      I 2nd this. You can also go to Vapiano also in the Dupont area.

    2. Pasta mia on Columbia and good.

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        Be warned that you have to wait in line to get in to Pasta Mia (and depending on when you get there that can be a 1/2 hour+ wait). And they have strict rules about substitutes etc. I thought the pasta was good but I thought the experience was a little stressful. The tables were close together, they only except cash, the waitresses were not that friendly....but the alfredo sauce was decadent and delicious :)

      2. if you want a lot of pasta for cheap, try il radicchio over the key bridge in arlington, va. you buy pasta plain for $6 (all you can eat spaghetti), and then you buy your sauces separate, and if you get 2 sauces, it wouldnt be more than 10$ (each sauce averages about $4-6). they have an especially good pistachio gorgonzola, but a wide variety of different sauces (vegetarian options too). for the deal, and for the amount of pasta, it cant be beat. there may be better pasta places, but this definitely hits the spot. i brought some out-of-towners a couple years ago before the marathon and they loved it.

        1. I'd check out Filomena's in Gtown. Large portions.