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Oct 16, 2008 06:59 AM

Bernard's - Chestnut Hill

Anyone been recently? Opinions please. What to order???

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  1. I love this place. I always have the shrimp with lobster sauce. Its in a white sauce not the dark sauce, but always very fresh. Also the Pad Thai is excellent!!!!

    1. I really enjoy the eggplant stuffed with shrimp app. Not a bad place for (not quite authentic) Chinese food.

      1. I was there in the spring after having won a gift certificate at a BC auction. I would say that it is a little pricey as compared to most Chinese restaurants and not what you would call authentic but I found it to be very fresh, delicious and very creative, almost "fusiony" if that's a word. Two of us split the Pan seared stuffed eggplant with shrimp mousse for an appetizer and for entrees we got the Sauteed Chilean Sea Bass with asparagus and chinese mushrooms and the Shrimp with blackbeans, garlic and shallots...everything was delicious and very different than the "typical" chinese american restaurant.

        1. We eat at Bernard's frequentlly. The food is very good,m very fresh andthe service is excellent. As regulars,they always offer something off menu like clams in black bean sauce. The little baby eggplants stuffed with shrimp mousse are excellent. Also the wontons in chili peanut sauce. I amost alwys order the same thing - the "must try " shrimp with black bean sauce and fried shallots. YUM. Also the sirloin wiht chinese broccoli is excellent, especially medium rare. The fried chilean sea bass is wonderful.
          I Hope you like it as much as we do. Our grandkids- 5 and 7- love this place. They always have the dumplings, boneless spareribs, wonton soup and tempura style soft shell crabs. They will also make anything for you if you describe what you want. Now I am hungry- plan to go tomorrow night.

          1. We go there for lunch and went Columbus day. As we are addicted to their vegetable fried rice we had luncheon specials which are always a good deal and delicious but we left saying we need to branch out so I will be following this thread for ideas.

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              I work in the Chestnut Hill Mall, and there are really only three options for lunch there (four if you include the little cafe on the bottom floor, but they only do sandwiches and pastries).

              They're all overpriced, but that's pretty normal for the Chestnut Hill area.

              Charley's - typical pub fare that's just okay. Certainly not worth the prices they charge. Waitstaff are usually pretty inattentive / rude, too. I wouldn't eat here if I didn't need a change of pace from time to time. Even with my mall discount

              Papa Razzi - pretty decent Italian. Definitely a nice place. The most reasonably priced restaurant of the lot. The food is consistently good, and it reminds me of a nicer, smaller version of Bertucci's (Papa Razzi is also a chain, but it's one of the smaller chains. I think it has about 15 locations in all).

              Bernard's - very good Chinese / Asian fusion - however, it's also pretty pricey for what it is. Their food is better than your usual Chinese, in that it's usually less greasy and uses higher quality ingredients. If you order General Tsau's chicken, a side of white rice and a Coke, expect to pay about $20 with tax and tip. The service is very attentive here, and the employees are usually pretty nice. I've had a couple dishes that were not so great, but most of it is pretty good, if you have the money.