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Oct 16, 2008 06:49 AM

Need a rec for a Phx "dressed up" date night

Hi all!

Now that Mary Elaine's is gone where is another spot that my SO and I can go in evening clothes? You know, a "jacket required" restaurant. He owes me a glitzy evening out and I am drawing a complete blank on where to go. We are in central phoenix, however location is not a huge issue. Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. hi there,

    i've got the dressed up part - the second question is noise level? for example, some place like roca akor is definitely dress up - its a whole scene of people dressed up, but its loud - there's a dj, tons of people everywhere..

    so are you looking for dressed up and quiet/romantic or dressed up and a scene/don't mind the noise?

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    1. re: winedubar

      Good on the noise part. He's more comfortable with quiet/romantic.

      1. re: Lala0310

        got it..

        wellll, to be honest im not sure if any more 'jacket required' places in phoenix. but for a great dinner, quiet and romantic, i'd suggest : kai at wildhorse pass, and lon's at the hermosa.

        sit outside for both. both are quiet, beautiful surroundings, and great food...both also make you feel like you are far away. which i think adds to the special evening vibe.

        1. re: winedubar

          Both are great suggestions..thanks. I suppose a fancy cocktial dress and suit would not be over dressed?

          1. re: Lala0310

            i wouldn't think so. altho you might be the best dressed folks there :)

            1. re: Lala0310

              Not at all. On all our visits to Lon's, people ran the gamut from shorts/polo shirts up to fancy cocktail dresses and jackets.

      2. If you want to stay in the central phoenix area coup des tartes would be perfect. French food, small renovated house along 16th st, byob, cozy, romantic. Another option would be Quiessence at the Farm on South Mountain, which is focused on locally raised and organic food in a beautiful setting. The menu changes daily however so you wouldnt be able to plan on whether or not to get a tasting menu.

        Also, I believe Mary Elaine's was the only place left in the valley to have a jacket requirement and even they got rid of it about a year before they closed.

        Quiessence Restaurant & Wine
        6106 S 32nd St, Phoenix, AZ 85042

        Coup Des Tartes
        4626 N. 16th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85016

        1. Mary Elaine's was the last jacket required restaurant in town.

          One where I would imagine you would feel right at home in something nice is Voltaire over in Scottsdale. The menu is old-school French, with canard a l'orange, crepes Suzette, things like that. You'll be the youngest people in there by several decades; Voltaire seems to be God's waiting room, but don't let that stop you.

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          1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

            Ooohhhh I like the Voltaire idea as well, I've wanted to go there for awhile.

          2. Though it is not "jacket required," most of the gentlemen at Vincent's do wear jackets, or suits.

            I think that the rooms are romantic, and the noise level is very subdued. During the "season," there is usually a piano player in the waiting area. I'd opt for something removed from that room. Ask for "romantic," when making reservations.

            I've done several reviews of individual dining experiences here. A search of this board should yield most of those.


            Vincent On Camelback
            3930 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018

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            1. re: Bill Hunt

              Ah, good suggestion there Bill, thanks. We are trying to decide between Lon's and is tough! LOL

              1. re: Lala0310

                Now, I do like Lon's. They have had ups and downs with me, but recently have been "on their game." Still, I am more a fan of Chef Vincent's and define them as my go-to restaurant, for events and special dinners. I'm such a fan, that when the food at another venue is not to our liking, we call and get a table at Vincent's.


            2. I had a great date night at Marcellino's - if you like Italian. My gal pal wanted to try it out and I didn't do any research, but just showed up. I was thinking it would be a typical ho hum Italian joint with lasagne, calzones, etc. The strip mall location didn't help when walking up to it.

              But inside it was cozy/romantic and the staff was top notch. They aren't waiting on you but actually serve you... which is somewhat rare and also what you want on a special night. The food was outstanding, and this is coming from a home cook who cringes when I get dishes that can be made at home for a quareter the price. Their pastas alone would be very hard to duplicate, and the sauces and other fare even harder.

              In any case, there are a lot of options and some great places also mentioned. Have a good night out and let us know the results.

              Marcellino Ristorante
              7114 E. Stetson Dr. 85251, Old Town Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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              1. re: tastyjon


                You hit on one of our favorite restaurants. Yes, I do usually wear my blazer, but I do not normally think of Marcellino's as a "dress up" spot. I love the food, the service and we usually turn Chef Marcellino loose with his "hidden gems" wine list.

                To me (and to a couple of friends, who travel to IT annually - one writes cookbooks), this is the best IT in the Valley.

                Thanks for mentioning a fav. of mine,


                1. re: tastyjon

                  I love Marcellino. The food is superb, the service and ambiance are spot on and it's so close to home! I agree with Bill that it's the best Italian in the Valley.