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Oct 16, 2008 06:43 AM

osteria/ Bday consolation prize: mac &cheese

My boyfriend is having a big bday tomorrow (adios 20s...)

I want to give him a special treat. since we are still adjusting to the food scene here from our native Chicago. Saturday night I booked us for osteria [we ate our hearts out at shinju for my bday last week and LOVED it, but i want something more upscale to try to wow him a bit for his bday]. He loves american food, but is a stickler for details; neat presentation, food temp, impeccably clean flatware...these things can ruin an experience for him, so let me know in advnace if i have erred [he doesn't mind a bit of a wait as long as service isn't surly]

sadly, he has an assignment due for school [he's a student] at 11pm Friday night [his actual bday], so there are no guarantees about when he will finish....

Long story short: he loves american food, and i want to bring him some takeout mac & cheese on friday. i will go as upscale as like 35-40$ if there is a mac & cheese with truffle worth the price. however, right now i am leaning toward 'A full plate' after reading some blog bits about it. He is in for a bit of a moder spin, but mostly just getting the details correct; not over or under cooked pasta, not too gloppy or sticky cheese consistency, and attractive appearance.

I will go pick it up if they can't deliver. Any recs or warnings appreciated!


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  1. Go to Cajun Kate's on Friday for the deep fried Mac and Cheese. It is located in the Boothwyn Farmer's market. Run by a husband and wife team who were trained in NOLA, they produce the most sublime mac and cheese in the area. The special this week is mac and cheese with smoked onions and andouille sausage.

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      I agree, as long as you don't mind the drive. The Booth's Corner farmer's market is a 40-45 minute drive from Center City, probably more on a Friday. You can call ahead and order it for takeout, it reheats nicely in a toaster oven.

      The Latest Dish on 4th St. makes a great mac and cheese, nothing fancy but really good.

      You won't be disappointed with Osteria. Others have reported some service issues there in the past, I've never had any big issues, though the service is sometimes better than other times. Get the polenta budino for dessert.

      1. re: Buckethead

        I've heard only good things about the mac and cheese at Full Plate. I love the mac and cheese from Honey's sit and eat also. You can maybe order mac and cheese from both places to compare. The restaurants are located close to each other.

        1. re: phillyjules

          thanks; i took him to honeys though and it was unfortunate there we a couple of those detail-related issues; one thing was just clearly burnt, someone spilled next to us and it was cleaned up shoddily, and he had to wait for quite some time to get new flatware. not major stuff, just enough to make him feel it wasn't his style.

          i thought the food was great, but wasn't such a fan that i would feel deprived without it, so havent dragged him back. thanks for the input though, great idea---if he hadnt already formed an opinion about honeys i absolutely would!