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Oct 16, 2008 06:30 AM

Amazonia in PBG

Anyone been to Amazonia yet? How is the food? One of my friends has never been to a "brazilian steakhouse" and wanted to try it out. I haven't seen too many reviews on it.

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  1. I live very nearby and have not been. Neither Amazonia nor Aqua Grill (same owners) have ever been "busy" when I drive by on my way to Greenwise during prime time dining hours even on weekends. These places must have deep pockets and I predict they won't make it through next year.

    I don't think the PBG clientel are ready for a churascaria. There's too many high end places competing for customers...too many seats to fill. I don't see the regular diner visiting a churascaria more than once or twice a year.

    I'd like to know how it is though.

    B-PB review

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      Hey, Freakerdude! Well, I ate at Amazonia on Wednesday night! It was very slow as only a couple of parties were in the restaurant. When you walk in you see the rotisserie and there was hardly any meat on it and that's not a good sign. You walk by the salad bar on the way to the table and it was very nice and had a ton of good stuff on it. But I go to these places for the meat (but Mrs. Emac liked the salad bar so I guess it was good).

      This is a rodizio restaurant and meat is the thing. They were a bit slow getting it out and no reason for that given the restaurant was nearly empty. All of the regular cuts like filet mignon, top sirloin, garlic picana, chorizos, pork tenderloin and the like. The meat was reasonably tasty but not great, spectacular or outstanding. The service was friendly and reasonably good but not great by any means. The hostess was very polite and personable.

      I entertain alot of my visiting clients from out of town and take them to Texas de Brazil and have been there 3 times in the last month. TDB might be a chain but the quality and taste of the meats they serve is head and shoulders above Amazonia and the 'experience' is much better. This place was very laid back and rodizio restaurants generally aren't like that.

      We visited Amazonia with another couple that had never been to a rodizio restaurant and they liked it well enough. But I was just sitting there thinking they would have liked a Texas de Brazil a whole lot better.


      1. re: LargeLife

        Reports of Gol in Delray have been pretty good from what I have heard. TDB must be in Miami since I haven't heard of it.

        1. re: freakerdude

          I met some foodie folks last night that gave a good report about Gol in I'll have to check that place out.....Texas de Brazil is in the Dolphin Mall that's located west of MIA.....They also have an incredible new location in Miami Beach that's absolutely huge.....TDB does a great job cooking the meats....And their servers are dressed up in "gaucho" outfits and that creates the 'experience' if you will.....They do a wonderful job marketing their product....e-mail big discount coupons on a regular basis....And my visiting clients from out of town....most are from out of the way / rural locales and they absolutely love TDB.......


    2. I went to Amazonia on was mediocre for the price, $40 per person seems like too much for what you get. Plus the place was half empty! I dont think its gonna last too long.

      Service: Good, server was very knowledgeable about wines and menu
      Wine List: Pretty good, lots of wines from California
      Salad Bar: Not even close to Texas de Brazil (which has a huge selection). Selections tasted okay, nothing memorable.
      Sides: Fried Yuca & cheese bread was awesome! Chimichurri needed more oil
      Meats: Top Sirloin and Filet were really good. But they seem pretty stingy when serving the filet. Pork was incredibly dry and Beef Rib was too fatty.