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Alternatives to Pusateris

I adore Pusateris for the selection of gourmetish items, including the imported deli and cheese sections. Any other places that are chowworthy for gourmet groceries, not just a gourmet gift shop?

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  1. For deli, oils and condiments, La Salumeria on Yonge north of Davisville is very good.

    1. Summerhill Market in Rosedale or Sherwood Market on Mt. Pleasant...both very enjoyable shopping experiences.

      1. Whole Foods
        The Cheese Boutique

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          Second Bueno's choices above add Cumbrae's meat and Provincial Foods next door to Cumbrae's on Church st. Grande Cheese Woodbridge.

          481 Church St, Toronto, ON M4Y, CA

        2. I have no issues with any of the places listed above. However, my alternative to Pusateri's is the St Lawrence Market Saturday's before 10am and preferably before 9am. Less expensive than all of these stores, yet quality and variety can definitely be found.

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            Yes!, this is a must for me every saturday morning (just came back with lots of serrano, pastries, bread, crabcakes, veal, pepperrettes). I love StLM

          2. Grande Cheese outlet (one is on Orfus Road but there are, I think, 3 or 4 - all carry the same stuff) has a lot of Italian groceries, quite a lot of cheese (not just Italian) and a pretty good selection of deli. It's a no-frills place but good.

            1. I must agree with Googs, I'm a SLM fanatic, my Saturday morning visits have become a weekly pilgrimage.

              That being said, I'm very much looking forward to Mark McEwan's new gourmet store opening in the New Year!

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              1. I'm another SLM fan. My husband and I go every Saturday. There's not much you can't get there.

                1. I have to say each time I go back to Fiesta Farms I find something new - good selection of ethnic specialities and reasonably priced too. Vosges (bacon flavoured) was $14 @ Whole Foods only $8 @ Fiesta. Lots of organic stuff too.

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                    Take a drive to Unionville. Have lunch on the Main Street and then visit Village Groceron Carlton Road. Incredible meat counter, bakery, gourmet to go..and produce.

                  2. Thanks all. When I come into town, I binge shop at STLM. I will be there at 8am and will try and hit some of the other spots mentioned.

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                      When looking for interesting cheeses at SLM, don't forget to hit Best Baa and Viva Tastings in the Farmers' Market. In the south market, live it up and try Olympic Cheese instead of the long line-up at Alex Farms. They're good even if they don't have PR.

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                        do you know if the selection at viva's permanent location offers up more variety? i've only dropped by there for the thursday pec farmers market once but the shop is reasonably large compared to the display stand on saturdays.

                    2. I don't know where you are located, but in the east end of the city I like Meat on the Beach for great local produce, and a very nice selection of dairy products, breads, and of course, meats. Further north, you can try Lady York at Dufferin and Glencairn. They are best for Italian products like oil, vinegar, and cheese, as well as meats and sausages.


                      Meat on the Beach
                      1860 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L, CA

                      Lady York Foods
                      2939 Dufferin Street, Toronto, ON , CA

                      1. Again, depends on where you live and what you're looking for really. The best so far I've seen (outside of Pusateri) is Denninger's in the Hamilton area. In the GTA, there are so many more options. I used to really love Pasquale Bros when there were downtown. I haven't been since they moved way out to strip mall country.

                        1. The thieves make a pretty compelling destination. All the stores there are really good and for one stop shopping it is probably the best. If you have more time on your hands then you can get better stuff for MUCH MUCH cheaper prices, but her sometime you have to pay for convenience.

                          for meat cumbreas, i also like Vince Gasparo's meat market
                          for deli: Schefflers at SLM, no substitute for this.
                          For produce and odds and ends: fiesta farms, various farmers markets
                          for fish city fish on Duffrin, even though I do think Pisces does a better job
                          for cheese, the cheese boutique, Nancy's cheese or different places in saint Lawrence market or in Kensginton
                          for bread and pastries; Harbourd bakery, fiesta farms has some good stuff, and i also like the small bakery who have stands at the farmers markets all over the city.

                          I am very interested to see what Mark McEwin’s new food mart at Lawrence and don mills will be like. He might give everyone a run for their money. They are building and even bigger LCBO right there as well, might be worth the drive.

                          1. Surprised there isn't more mention of McEwan as an alternative all-in-one place.

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                              The date of the OP post was 2008, McEwan not opened yet!

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                                Just finished my first visit to the Cheese Boutique. Amazing place with aisles filled with products and brands I have never heard of let alone seen. Marvellous room open to the customers with Cheese wheels etc awaiting their turn in the counter. If only the aroma was available for sale. Nothing is inexpensive but it is well worth the time to inspect the place and perhaps buy a couple of items.

                                Cheese Boutique
                                45 Ripley Ave, Toronto, ON M6S, CA

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                                  Now you know why I make trips to the CB. Did you go into the cheese vault? It's door is very close to the meat counter. You should try the "Truffle hunter" sausages. I had one for breakfast with eggs, instead of bacon.

                                  The 40+ day dry aged t-bone is $3.39 / 100gr. which is quite reasonable. The one I bought last week was about 2" thick and 960 grams but I did a great job of cooking it on the BBQ.

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                                    Big thumbs up on CB, Love that place!!!!

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                                      Yes we went into the cheese vault. I think they are missing a good bet by not finding a way to sell the aroma.

                                      Bought 2 Truffle Hunter sausages for tomorrow or Monday.

                                      1. re: Herne

                                        The Cheese Boutique is stellar!

                                        Cheese Boutique
                                        45 Ripley Ave, Toronto, ON M6S, CA

                                2. Love Summerhill Market....either the original location on Summerhill in Rosedale or the one that was Sherwood Market on Mt. Pleasant Rd.

                                  Sherwood Market
                                  1054 Mt Pleasant Rd, Toronto, ON M4P, CA

                                  1. There's a new place at 181 Eglinton Ave E called MARCHELEO'S Gourmet Marketplace, where the Swiss Chalet used to be. It's right beside Popeye's (how's that for contrast!), just west of Mt. Pleasant. Although I haven't been yet, I received a flyer announcing their Grand Opening, which has lots of great-looking special prices (Nov 4 to 13). For example, organic lettuce at 99 cents, organic potatoes, 5lb for $2.99, Organic Meadow milk, 2L for $3.99, naturally raised AAA New York strip loin steaks for $5.99 and lots more. I'm going to go asap, so I'll try to get back to CH for a comment.

                                    1. I am on the lookout for some great quality Ontario lamb (young) and some veal and organic chicken and berkshire"ish" type pork as well as grass fed beef that won't break the bank. Love cumbrae's but getting expensive.