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Oct 16, 2008 02:56 AM

Padovani's Chocolates now open

For any fancy chocolate fans out there, I happened to walk by the store at the Dole Cannery (2nd floor) and noticed that they appeared to be open for business, so I stopped in. Turns out they've been open for a couple of weeks now. Flavors on their menu include cinnamon pistachio, orange pekoe, blueberry, cassis, marzipan, amarula, and apple banana ganaches (among many others), as well as more standard flavors. The chocolates are touted as hand-poured using only natural ingredients. This is the first non-Godiva chocolatier I've heard of since moving here, so I hope they're successful.

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  1. He had a shop downtown for a bit of time the last couple of years. I think it is also possible
    to buy the chocolates at the Elua restaurant. They are really good!

    1. for chocolatiers, there's also honolulu chocolate company at ward, close to kaka'ako kitchen. they have a good selection of imported valrhona type stuff, as well as in house chocolates. try the hand rolled chocolate decadence. they melt in your mouth.

      1. I went here yesterday, and it was fantastic!! Chef Padovani was there making his chocolates, and after I asked a few questions, he ended up talking to me for about a half hour about the Hawaiian cacao industry, his plans for the chocolate industry in Hawaii, and his background. He also gave a mini-lesson in chocolate making! I am teaching myself to make artisan chocolates at home, so this was extremely interesting and informative. The chocolates are magnificent, and include some flavors that I haven't seen elsewhere (apple banana, acai), which is an important attribute that I look for in local chocolatiers when I'm travelling. For that reason I was unimpressed with Honolulu Chocolate Co. They mostly sold stuff I can get on the mainland, and what they did produce themselves wasn't very exciting (chocolate dipped oreos, fruits, a plain chocolate truffle of undetermined chocolate origin, etc). Chef Padovani gave us some chocolates he had just finished making for the first time and hadn't even put in the display case yet: acai berry, molded in either dark chocolate or white chocolate. Very delicious, and I've never seen this flavor in an artisan chocolate before. He says it is because of acai distribution, hard to obtain in bulk...but he has connections. For anyone who is interested in quality artisan chocolates, I highly recommend visiting his shop/production area in the Dole Cannery!

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          You hit the nail on the head! Philipe (sp?) is always cordial, charming and wonderful to chat
          with about his food, experience, ingredients and his love of the entire world. I've met him on
          so many instances and had the same experience as you. Hawaii and the world is luck to have
          someone like him to share his knowledge and love of food! Good luck in your chocolate making!
          Looking forward to hearing about your lessons learned! A hui hou!