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STLM - Berkshire Pork?

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Where can I get some at the STLM or other places?

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  1. I think Atelier Thuet in Liberty Village would be a constant source.

    1. Whitehouse Meats at the STLM has Berkshire Pork.

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        Does Cumbrae meat sell Berkshire pork?

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          I have purchased Berkshire Pork from Cumbrae, in the Spring, and Summer this year, but I am not certain if they have it at all times

      2. JTown's Famu at Steeles and Woodbine carries a nice selection of several cuts. Call ahead if you have anything specific in mind.

        Berkshire Pork Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bokchoi-...

        And I second carnassial's Whitehouse Meats suggestion on the main level.


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        1. Whitehouse at SLM sells a number of Berkshire pork products, including bacon and kielbossa, and I believe also chops. There were 4 things list for sure.. Can't remember.. I bought the kielbossa but haven't opened it up yet.

          1. Cheese Boutique has it, got ribs there in the summertime