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Oct 15, 2008 11:10 PM

phx - duck fat fries

i'm officially addicted. second visit to noca for wednesday nite lobster rolls with duck fat fries. yuummmmmmmmmmm...

if you haven't tried their wednesday nite special, please going to need a 12 step program soon ;)

but first i'd have to admit this addiction is a problem ;)

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  1. enlighten us on NOCA's wed nite special...

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    1. re: azhotdish

      sure :D

      every wednesday nite is lobster roll nite..its a tasty creation, the bread is fried in herbed butter so its crispy and delicious. it comes with the most amazing duck fat fries..they tried a new shape tonite - a bit thicker and not so matchstick shaped, which i thought was excellent, and i liked better than the smaller fries..

      its 22 bucks...

      its a great portion, and we got a delicious amuse - organic egg salad with chorizo. omg delish..i told eliot i'd eat a sandwich made of that and then die happy :D

      their lobster purveyor is amazing, and i think the same purveyor french laundry uses...

      here's a link with pix from chow bella :

      note that the fries are different now...

      1. re: winedubar

        lobster roll - you just said the magic words. i'm there!

    2. Are they still doing this? I didn't see anything on the Noca website about Wednesday night specials anymore. I really would like to try that lobster roll and those fries, tho'.

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      1. re: Bax

        On Wednesday's the Lobster Roll with Duck Fat French Fries is the special but if you want to have one when making a reservation, please ask to save one because they do sell out...Thursday's is the Kobe (Wagyu) Cheesesteak....and the Wagyu Pastrami will be back on the menu on Friday until we sell out of it but the latest batch is thirty pounds

        owner of noca

        1. re: Molto E

          i swear to god you have the best job in the world. just when i think you guys can't get any more cravetacular you go ahead and do something like make wagyu pastrami. that sounds pretty epic!!

          makes me want to think of something equally indulgent and maybe escargot ravioli? foie gras wellington? deep fried truffle chips?

          1. re: winedubar

            You're just never satisfied, are you, Winedubar? :) I know Tara still swoons over the duck fat fries we had on lobster roll night with you.

          2. re: Molto E

            Thanks (I realized after posting here I probably could've just called the restaurant...). Looks like I may have a Wednesday sans vegan boyfriend coming up, so I may have to treat myself. Noca's maybe a little outside my usual budget but what the heck.

        2. Had wonderful duck fat fries at Bourbon Steak at the Fairmont Princess in Scottsdale if you are looking for another place to satisfy your craving.

          1. Since I'm going to be moving away soon, I decided I'd better treat myself to Noca before I leave. So I FINALLY got around to going for lobster roll/duck fat fries...except NO DUCK FAT FRIES!

            This was a big disappointment, obviously, but everything else about the experience was very pleasant. Sat at the chefs' counter, which was fun (tho' honestly, it's a little too tall to see most of the action back there) -- I ogled every dish that came up and thought "What's that?! I want that!"

            Started off with a "Summerita" -- tequila and berries and pomegranate liqueur. It cost more than I usually spend on an average meal, but still, YUM. I just wish I could've figured out a way to eat the berry sludge out of the bottom without looking like a slob (as it was, I had to just let it go).

            I didn't hear exactly what the amuse was, other than that it included capers, pickled ginger, and saba, but whatever it was it was delicious! Creamy & crunchy & salty & spicy/sweet & sour & GOOD.

            The lobster roll is served as an appetizer, but it was meal-sized for me, even with out the lauded fries (there were housemade potato chips instead which were good, but nothing exciting). I felt a little like a rube licking my fingers in a "nice" restaurant but I'm guessing everyone else was too busy enjoying their food to notice (or maybe they were licking their fingers as well). The lobster roll was excellent but honestly, what I fell in love with were those pickles! Paper thin slices with LOTS of pungent flavor -- intensely sour/sweet. YUM. I want them served with all my sandwiches from here on out!

            The cotton candy was fun & whimsical -- made me smile -- I felt bad for not eating much of it but I knew I wanted to indulge in dessert. I don't often order dessert when dining solo, but I just had to try that doughnut trio. OH MY. It's hard to go wrong with sugary and fried, of course, but that first bite of hot, sweet doughnut with a dip in the caramel sauce -- WOW. And it was just as good with the sweet-tart strawberry sauce and the rich, bitter chocolate (actually, I liked to double-dip chocolate and strawberry).

            I practically waddled out to the car I was so full! Overall a very tasty and pleasant evening. I'd love to experience more of Noca's menu; if only it better fit into my starving artist budget!

            I'm still disappointed about not getting duck fat fries, tho'.

            3118 E. Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85016

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            1. re: Bax

              Bax...the duck fat fries are the side that come with the Maine Lobster Roll or the cold version-using Ingrid's Stonington, Maine lobster tossed in a roasted garlic aioli with fines herbes, celery root in a herb butter toasted brioche bun. For the last few week's, we have been serving a different version of the lobster roll...the "Hot Buttered" Lobster Roll or the "Connecticut" Lobster Roll that is Ingrid's butter poached lobster tossed with celery, red onion, fines herbes, espelette, heirloom romaine served in a brioche roll and house made spiced potato chips...the Bar Bites menu is coming back on the second Thursday of every month and that menu will agree with a hungry artist...the Bar Bites Menu will be posted soon on the website

              1. re: Molto E

                Do you serve the lobster roll everyday? I would luv to check it out

                1. re: drewb123

                  Drewb123...Tuesday Wagyu Corned Beef
                  Wednesday Lobster Roll
                  Thursday Wagyu Pastrami
                  Bax...Seattle has some great eats, have fun

                2. re: Molto E

                  Gotcha -- thanks! Bad timing, I guess, re: the fries but I still enjoyed it (those potato chips were "spiced"? I didn't taste anything other than salt...they were good potato chips, tho').

                  I would LOVE to partake of the Bar Bites but alas, I am moving to Seattle in a week and a half! Ah well....

                  1. re: Bax

                    Thankfully the duck fat fries were removed from the menu at The Grind...they were ghastly.

                    Good luck in Seattle - I love Cafe Juanita and Lark. Need to get back there again.