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Oct 15, 2008 09:13 PM

Wedding in Williamsburgh

My son got engaged erev Succot. The bride's family suggested a wedding in williamsburgh because of the price and the availability of very large halls. My daughter got married 4 years ago at Eden Roc. The food was wonderful, but I've hear that it's gone down hill since then. My younger son got married at Ateret Avraham and I heard rave reviews. But we want mixed seating, so the latter is not an option. Rose Castle and Eden Roc are the only choices if we desire some mixed seating. Does anyone have any comments or suggestions?

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  1. First off, mazel tov. Second, I've read good things about Eden Palace, but I don't know if that's the same as Eden Roc.

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      Thank you. Actually, I meant Eden Palace.

    2. I prefer the food at Eden Palace over the Rose Castle. I also dislike the trampoline they call a dance floor at the Rose castle, you can acttually feel the dance floor bouncing

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        Mazel Tov.Eden Palace is very nice. The food is good. The smorgasbord is even better if you add options in the anteroom. The only real problem there is the valet parking. It takes at least half an hour to get your car out of valet parking after the simcha. If you are forewarned ,I hope that you can arrange something with them ahead of time. We have learned to park on the street when we go there.

      2. I made a wedding for my daughter in 2003 at Eden Palace. Wedding was a combination of mixed and seperate seating. They did a wonderfull job. For some reason I haven't been to an affair there for quite some time. Most of the weddings that I have been going to are at Ateres Avroham, another excellent choice with amazing food.

        I paid $46/pp at Eden Palace including carving stations. As one who still has two more daughters to marry off, I am curious what the going rates are for the Williamsburgh halls.

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          I got the impression from the orginal post that Ateres Avrohom doesn't "allow" mixed seating and that's why she's considering Eden or Rose castle

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            That's correct. The only Williamsburgh halls that allow mixed seating are Eden Palace and Rose Castle. I agree that Ateret Avraham is terrific, but they won't allow mixed seating. The kids can sit separately. I want my male and female friends at the same table. It seems as if we are going with Edan Palace. The kids want to be married on December 28th, and they have the day free.

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              Mazal tov!

              I usually get to see you in person only once a year, at S's chanukah party; I guess this year you'll be busy...

        2. I just went to a wedding last night at the Rose Castle. The smorg was not overdone but the food was tasty. The main course was either grilled chicken cutlet or another type of chicken cutlet with some type of covering. I had grilled which was surprisingly tender and tasty (surprised for a mass production establishment). Soup was good also. Waiter staff was attentive also. The dancing space is large and yes the floor does feel to have a slight give to it. The chupah room was a touch tight. I also noticed that they have an outdoor upstairs area for an outside wedding, which looked very nice. Maybe not an option in December, but there must have been an earlier wedding that day enjoying yesterday's pleasent weather. Mazel tov and Hatzlachah.

          1. mazal tov! our son is getting married at ateres avraham in 3 weeks and i just called and they said you may have one table for mixed seating, if that helps!