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Oct 15, 2008 09:12 PM

Election night bar?

Hey Guys,
Does anyone know of a bar that is showing election coverage on the big night? Good drinks would be nice too.

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  1. I'm searching for the same thing, and tomorrow is the big day so I figured I'd start this again. I'm looking for any place on the east side, say from the 50's to the 90's that will be showing election results. Thanks.

    1. Here's a big list, personally if I were headed out I'd go to the Bell House since they promise the Red Hook Vendors will be there!

      1. If I remember correctly, Craftsteak will be serving blue and red burgers at their bar, with the usual bar offerings like mac and cheese, wings, etc. The Obama burger is $5, McCain's $10.

        They will have 2 flatscreen TVs for the election news.

        1. The Blue Seats- 157 Ludlow Street
          Opens at noon, has $5 Drink Specials all day and night, and lunch specials as well. There are 62 HDTV's w/ full sound. Late night party with DJ as well...