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Oct 15, 2008 09:06 PM

MSP: Fasika chowdown report

My thanks to the 14 chowhounds gathered to chow down at Fasika Ethiopian Restaurant in St. Paul.

I hear that "Fasika" means "feast," and feast we did. I had a great time conversing with fellow 'hounds and the food was delicious. I would say it was the best Ethiopian food that I have ever had.

I will get the ball rolling by listing the menu items that we ordered, and hopefully some of the other participants can chime in with specifics on some of the items.

Take a look at

We had:
#9 FASIKA SPECIAL TIBS (shown on the website menu as "KURT ZILZIL"

Various people also tried Harar Beer and Hakim Stout from Ethiopia, and Addis tea from Ethiopia. All the food barely fit on the narrow table and we filled up to *here*. However, even after people semed to push back from the table I shamelessly kept swooping back into the wreckage of the combo platters for those sauce-soaked sections of injera!

Usually when eating at an Ethiopian restaurant with chowspouse, we have the combo platter, but this gathering let us all sample items that are not usually included on the platters. Standouts for me included the Moja Asa--pan fried catfish-- so good! Also the Zilzil Tibs-- rather spicy long strips of beef with a crispy almost deep-fried texture. We had two hot hot plates of tibs (#4 and #9) and one was somewhat spicier and that was my favorite. We *think* that it was the #4.


Fasika Ethiopian Restaurant (duplicate)
510 Snelling Ave, N St Paul, MN

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  1. Fantastic report! Sounds like a winner.


    1. i *love* fasika and envy all of the tastes you folks got. i've always wondered how the catfish there was, i'll have to try for myself after your great rec. i wish fasika offered mixed combo platters-- like you could get one meat with 2 veg instead of 3 meats or all 8(?) veg. my favorite thing is the cabbage and carrot long-stewed veg, i always try to order it on the side and sometimes they give me a very small portion, sometimes a bigger one, sometimes they charge me for it and sometimes they don't-- then i feel bad and over-tip! if i had my own way i'd get lamb tibs, the carrot/cabbage, and lentils on a combo-- or just a double carrot/cabbage, who am i kidding. . . boy it makes life tough, going to fasika with just one or two other people, trying to figure out which combo to order. . . :)

      1. A couple of quick tasting notes:

        I agree on the Mojo Asa - though I think the stand out (and largely overlooked) part of that dish was the rice. I think it could easily have been the tastiest rice I have had anywhere!

        The "meat on the bone" offerings ( one on the Lamb platter and the Doro Wot) was fantastically tender, there was absolutely no need for any utensils to pull the meat off the bone. Wow!

        I may have more later when I have more time to devote to typing, but those were my stand outs

        1. adding this restaurant to my to-try list! thanks!

          1. Fasika was one of our favorite places to eat while visiting our daughter when she lived in the TC. I've never had better Ethiopian food than that at Fasika. Now that our daughter lives in Seattle, she has commented how much she misses Fasika, among other places in MPLS. There really isn't as good an Ethiopian place in Seattle.