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Oct 15, 2008 08:22 PM

750ml Closed ?

I was driving along Mission in South Pasadena, and the brown paper is up on all the windows, no life inside whatsoever. Does anyone know what happened or is happening with this place?

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  1. The same owner is making it a pizza place.

    Also, Is the Cobras & Matadors on La Brea Closed?

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    1. re: Adsvino

      Hm, interesting. We have a couple of independent Pizza places here. Nona's and Mammas. I wonder what their spin on the beloved pizza pie will be?

      Oh how I wish someone would do REAL Chicago deep dish.I'll ask around about C&M, unless someone responds first. Thanks Adsvino!

      1. re: Dutchvanobvious

        Alas, it will probably be a trendy mozza imitation, but we will see. It would be neat to have some real deep dish--haven't had it since moving to LA 10 years ago.

      2. re: Adsvino

        Cobras and Matadors is on Beverly. Not La Brea.

        1. re: The Sauce

          Wrong. There is one on La Brea in the Rita Flora Building. If they are closed, I can now see why....

          1. re: Adsvino

            Is the cafe in the Rita Flora building closed? I used to love to have lunch there.

            1. re: lotta_cox

              Yes, first the cafe turned into Steven Arroyo's Asian tapas place, then into Goat, then into Cobras and Matadors, but no one ever seemed to know they were there. Fast becoming a rather doomed location.

              1. re: Chowpatty

                Apparently. I thought Goat was gone after Goat! I stand corrected. is it just me, or does he seem to change his concepts much too frequently? I liked 750ml. In fact, was just telling friends to check it out.

                1. re: The Sauce

                  I don't know, i guess if it's not working, you have to try something different. I don' t think too many people "got" Goat.
                  Oh, Happi Songs, that was the name of the Asian one. How quickly we forget.

      3. O.k. so the word is woodfire pizza!? 750ml was one of my favorite places...not always consistent, however, which was a downfall considering the price points...but thoughtful...unique...great wine and service. The charcuterie was always yummy! It's a great space, Arroyo has great ideas, so it's cool that he's willing implement new things. Perhaps change is just a a part of who he is. I just hope his new place continues to keep a little of the edge... we don't need another mundane restaurant on Mission. Yes, Mama's has great pizza, but it's just a joint. It's nice to have a place that's a destination. I'm mourning the loss of 750ml in our hood.

        1. I read that 750ml was just used as a training ground for Church and State in downtown. Now that Church and State is open, 750 is getting turned into something new. Im sure the pizza there will be good and frankly, if its just a Mozza knock off thats fine by me. We need something good around here that doesnt involve waiting in line for an hour on colorado blvd.