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one cent on rush street

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went a few weekends ago after a movie. it was CROWDED! but we found a place to sit upstairs and had some beers. we ordered the lobster and shrimp eggrolls and the burger. this is not a big review - just a quick take.

eggrolls - pretty bad! about one cut up piece of lobster per roll (i know - what do i expect), not particularly good tasting shell, poor texture (crispy outside, but too thick - and so gummy/stretchy middle). they had way too much cabbage/carrot inside. dipping sauces not so great. for $14 - i would definitely skip. i wanted the mac&cheese or nachos or shrimp - but somehow ordered this? odd choice.

burger - OUTSTANDING! this was super delicious. we got it medium rare, cooked perfectly. bacon and cheese flavor seemed infused throughout along with the onions and sauce. the onion/sauce combo had a hint of the onion reduction on the FO burger. the cheese/bacon, however, made it a different beast. i really thought this was delicious. zero complaints and i would like to eat again.

shoestring fries - first, i don't like shoestring fries. so we have to start there. these were particularly eh. somewhat stale almost - not crisp and no seasoning at all. so it just tasted like dried potatoes. again - i don't really like these anyhow, but especially didn't care for this version (I will eat them if seasoned and cooked properly - i couldn't eat these).

oh - and i almost forgot - the funniest thing about the place was the aroma of truffle oil every time a server past us. they had truffle fries and so i assume that was what it was -- but it seriously overwhelmed the nose.

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  1. I've eaten there 3 times and have been really unimpressed with the food. The burger meat is tasty enough but the bun is awful - pre-fab supermarket fluff. The fruits de mer platter was terrible, the oysters smelled off and the crab was watery and stringy. I love the mac and cheese, very satisfying and comforting.

    The food isn't great but it's the service that will stop me from going back. It wasn't good the first couple of times but the third time was the worst. We sat down and ordered wine. The server dumped the glasses on the table and said she'd be back to take our food order. Tried to flag her down for menus and eventually got up and got our own. And waited, and waited. Tried to flag her down to order, she said she'd be back. Another 20 minutes pass and she finally comes to our table...to tell us that we have to vacate because she needs our table for another party.

    I understand the place is busy but there's no excuse for that. They seriously overbook the tables in an unrealistic way. On my first dinner there we were told by a different server that the next party had arrived and we could have dessert in the lounge. This wouldn't be a problem except that we had been there less than an hour and there was no room in the lounge at all. They seem to parrot the lounge invitation to everyone regardless of whether there is available space there or not.

    1. I have to agree. I ate here once and I really liked the mac and cheese, but the rest was just...meh! I don't want "meh" especially not for these prices. I didn't like their fries either. This is definitely a place you go to more for the atmosphere than the food.

      1. Everything about Rush Street feels like a chain restaurant. Another waste of nice space.

        1. I live a few blocks from Rush Street and it's only really purpose, as far as I can tell, is if I want to convince friends to meet me at a place for drinks where I won't have to drive home afterward.

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            T'was a mundane joint back in Chicago. No reason why it'd be any different here...

          2. I went on a Friday night at about 11pm. The beer selection was good, but the atmosphere is a joke. Downstairs is a nice gastrobpub feel to it and upstairs is kinda like a club where I saw bottle service...bottle service in Culver City??? Really??? I also saw a stripper pole next to a small dance floor which made me smile, but it makes no sense being in there. I was looking forward to this place, but was completely turned off to the place.

            1. I just went to Rush Street and thought I'd throw in my two cents.

              I agree with most of the comments about the food. We had a Chicago dog and a burger. Both were pretty average. The Chicago dog is a fun California twist on the real deal and comes with fresh tomato and pickled vegetables. The vegetables, however, all tasted the same and the dog was very unwieldy to eat. The flavors were unbalanced (too vinegary from all that pickled veg) and it wasn't nearly as satisfying as the real thing. The French fries seemed overdone or stale. My husband thought his burger was okay.

              On the plus side, I agree that the mac and cheese is really good. I also like the brevity of the menu and wine list. Daily specials include half off bottles of wine on Tuesdays. We ordered a bottle of Davis Bynum 2005 Pinot Noir for under $30 and it was just lovely.

              Unlike others here, I actually love the decor and ambiance. Clientle is local yuppie in a good way. Upstairs has a nice area for drinking, dancing, and socializing. I'm not going to try to defend the stripper pole. Mostly, I like how you can choose your poison: downstairs where you can still hear each other talk or upstairs where the music is louder and it's more crowded. We didn't stay very late, though, so I have no idea how crowded downstairs gets late at night.

              I think it's a fun place to go with friends without the hassles of Father's Office--lines, no reservations, crowds, excessive noise. Yes, the food isn't nearly as good as Father's Office. But sometimes when you're meeting up with friends it's nice to be able to catch up and grab a few drinks without having to wait in line, hover over a table to get a seat, and yell at one another to have a conversation. Rush Street will by no means replace FO's in my heart but I would definitely go back for drinks and the mac and cheese.

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                I really do not like rush street. I don't like the vibe, the food and drinks were 'eh', and I hate the smell of truffle oil. I wanted to barf. I prefer to grab a drink at The Culver Hotel or Gyenari

              2. Just went tonight for the first time.

                Had the mac and cheese which other people on this Board have raved about. Thought it was very bland. Had to ask for some red pepper, which I sprinkled liberally to give it some taste. Bruschetta and lamb chop appetizers were okay. There were five of us and no one really liked their main dish.

                Wne list wasn't bad for a chain type restaurant.

                Not very crowded and a comfortable booth, so it proved a good place to catch up with old friends.

                Think it's best for 20 somethings who want to get together for drinks and don't care a whole lot about food. I guess I say 20 somethings because it is reasonably priced and has a young vibe.