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Oct 15, 2008 06:49 PM

please help a friend recovering from surgery who is desperate for congee

Congee is all she wants but most restaurants don't seem to serve it for dinner! Besides Hon and the place on Broadway is shut down! Please help me help her with any suggestions and those not in chinatown would be even more helpful.

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  1. >> Besides Hon and the place on Broadway is shut down!

    You mean Congee Noodle House is shut down? (!)

    Try Kwong Chow at Main and 16th.

    Congee is a miracle cure!

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    1. re: fmed

      Walked by Congee Noodle House today and it was all papered up. Anyone know what happening? I was on the other side of the street and in a rush, so I couldn't investigate. It would be a shame. I love dragging people in there at 1 in the morning for some ostrich or sliced fish congee.

      EDIT: Alright... I thought maybe Coastal Health would have something. It suggests on there that renovations are taking place this fall. I would imagine that's what's up. Kind of scary all of the infractions they have though! Yeesh!

      1. re: peter.v

        oh gawd. I don't even want to know.

      2. re: fmed

        But Kwong Chow is only open in the daytinme, no? I can only go out to get it at night. Have you tried Kwong Chow yourself? And yes, congee cures all damnit!

        1. re: toutefrite

          I didn't know that Kwong Chow was only open in the daytime. I have tried Kwong Chow - but I can't even remember when it was it was so long ago....and I don't think it was for congee.

          On Lok on Hastings may have congee at night. I remember my wife ordering it a while back. Penny close to it may have it as well. Sorry I couldn't more definitive.

          (Now there's always the homemade option....)

          1. re: fmed

            I was going to mention this too- congee is pretty dead easy to make at home, and what better way to honour a sick friend eh?

      3. just make it home

        if she likes it runny ... use more water and if she like it thick then use less water

        you can put in the rice whole or put it in a bag and crunch it up with a mallet for even smaller pieces. Put in some salt, meat and dried scallops are very good. Sautee the scallops first before putting into the congee.

        1. Mui Garden - 4265 Main St. may have it ..

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          1. re: jmil

            I think 'most' noodlehouses serve congee at night....but now toutefrite has given me cause to doubt this (I have never had a problem ordering congee at night...but that could just be dumb luck).

            1. re: fmed

              Kwong Chow definitely serves congee at night. I've gone there for years for my late night congee fix. Boneless chicken and mushroom is my favourite. I think Kwong Chow's open til 2am.

              I hope Congee Noodle House reopens soon. I hate it when restaurants close for a "reno" and never come back.

              1. re: im_hungry

                how strange, the website I visited said that it only opened from 11=2. Thanks for that. I would make my own but no kitchen at the moment. fmed, you may be right about noodlehouses, I just called all the regular chinese restaurants in my area. Thanks all.

                1. re: toutefrite

                  Probably a typo ("am"->"pm").

                  I don't think you will have a problem sourcing congee then.

                  I have made it using my rice cooker (on the congee setting)..but the outcome isn't as good as restaurant congee....still pretty decent though.

                  1. re: fmed

                    Yes, I have tried and tried, and failed and failed to make homemade congee that rivals even the crappiest congee house's. I have also tried the rice cooked method. Disastrous. Technology defeats me every time.

                    1. re: toutefrite

                      I don't think the secret is in technology. My conspiracy theory? I think the secret lies in the generous use of (mystery) fat and cornstarch. Whenever I get take out congee, there's always a filmy greasy residue left on the take out container. When I make my own congee, there's never a greasy residue, even when I pour the leftovers into a ziploc container. I'm resigned to the fact that my congee will never compete with the greasy goodness of restaurant congee!

                      1. re: im_hungry

                        I think you are right about the secret ingredients. Cornstarch for sure and I'm thinking pork fat (which we all know is a magic ingredient). I must try this next time I'm feeling the urge to make congee.

                        1. re: fmed

                          You shouldn't need cornstarch... the rice should supply enough starch. The restaurant tricks are:
                          a) start with a mixture of uncooked short-grain rice (2/3) and sticky rice (1/3). Starting with precooked rice isn't as good because a lot of the starch was removed in cooking.
                          b) lightly oil the raw rice and let sit for a few minutes before adding water (this is where that fat residue comes from).
                          c) at the end, add some 'chicken powder' (=MSG)!

          2. Try Congee Noodle King, which seems to be the 'brother restaurant' of the closed Congee Noodle House on B'way. It's got the same menu and same relaxed attitude toward cleanliness. 3313 Kingsway @ Joyce.

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            1. re: HKDave

              thanks, and for the tip on cooking congee. very promising!