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Oct 15, 2008 05:33 PM

Italian Meat market/Deli or Jewish Bakery in OC?

My sister just moved from S. Fl to San Clemente. She's looking for a good Jewish or Italian bakery/deli. She really wants a decent rye bread.

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  1. Slim pickings in South OC but have her try Solomon's Bakery, in Laguna Hills []. It used to be pretty good but I've lost track of it since I moved a few years ago.

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      My sis went to Solomon's. She said the Rye Bread sucked, it was more like a white bread.

    2. These are in north oc, but tommy pastrami is excellent and sells their bread and also the meats by the pound
      jerry's famous deli in costa mesa
      east coast deli in fountain valley

      1. Italian deli, Claro's in Tustin. They have a bunch of different breads, but I don't recall rye. The sandwiches, meats and especially the sausages are great.

        1. She might try Il Fornaio in Irvine on Von Karman -- they make legitimately good bread, including rye, although I don't know about availability.

          Also Boudin Bakery in the Metro Pointe shopping center near South Coast Plaza, their corn rye (at least from SF locations) is excellent, although I haven't tried from this location.

          In a pinch, the industrially-produced Old Country rye from Benjie's Deli on Tustin in Santa Ana works for sandwiches and schmears. They will slice it for you, and it is days fresher than supermarket versions.

          Trader Joe's has a few ryes, none are stellar, although they might provide a stopgap.