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Oct 15, 2008 04:21 PM

Forest Grill, Birmingham, MI

This is Brian Polycn's latest, in a new building in Birmingham, just off Maple. Detroit Freep review was excellent---it looks quite stylish/urbane. Knowing his skills, I would think this would be a great spot.

Anybody been yet?

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  1. Not yet. From what I understand, it's been absolutely *swamped* since opening, and that's not really a dining experience that I covet. I like things a bit more quiet as I eat, I guess.

    I'll wait until things have cooled down a bit. Besides, with the way the economy is right now, I'm having more and more trouble plunking down the cash it takes to eat at such places. I think the squeeze is becoming quite evident at such places.

    1. It's beautiful inside, very clean, post-modern. I was surprised by the price points and elegance as I thought the original concept was to be a neighborhood place that you might want to go to more than once a week. We stuck to the appetizer and salad items. It was very good most of the time. The wine list is quite interesting and well-done. You'll definitely need a reservation. We won't be back soon due to $$$.

      1. We've been twice and had good meals both visits. The first we sat outside, nothing special about the setting. Found the portions of salad and appetizers to be on the small side for the price point; but were all delicious. Second visit sat inside, much better ambiance and shared the steak and scallops. Wonderful quality and preparation. Again, found the appetizer portions to be smail and our side dish of spinach for the $$ wasn't worth it. Nice wine list with some good finds. Overall I agree, not a place to go regularly because it's just too expensive.

        1. Went there for dinner a few weeks ago. We sat at the bar and we thought the food was excellent with nice service. We had duck confit, proscuitto pizza and lobster risotto, the risotto was superb. Yes, it was a bit pricey especially the agnoletti (sp?) appetizer with serrano ham, but you could tell everything was prepared by a staff that cares. Dining room ambieance was a bit low key and a tad boring, but this is the kind of place you go to eat. I think it is a keeper!

          1. I've been twice - both times sat in the bar and was there for an appetizer or desert. On one visit had the venison tartare - because I had never even seen that on a menu before - it was awesome. My friend liked the lobster tacos, but i thought they were overrated. Had one of the pizzas (can't remember which - I think it had shrimp) and it was great too. The bartender poured very good cocktails and the wine list is good - especially b/c you can order 3 oz pours. On the second visit I had the risotto appetizer - very rich but very good and my friend had a special bread pudding dessert that she said was outstanding. The bartender offered each guest a sip of dessert wine that went especially well with the desert - which i think is a sign of very good service. I am looking forward to going back for a main course. I think that the menu will be updated regularly with seasonal ingredients.

            I'll be back...