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Oct 15, 2008 04:08 PM

Need recs for dinner - quickly - in Cambridge

Hi all -

DC hound here looking for a good dinner. I had a great dinner at the Franklin Cafe last night and looking for similarly interesting food over here in Cambridge tonight. Any suggestions?


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  1. Any specific neighborhood? In Central Square, Central Kitchen is awesome and has a similar vibe to Franklin. Rendezvous is another good bet. Salts is great, but a little fancier. In Harvard Square, I like hanging out in the bar area at Harvest, or the Monday Club at Upstairs on the Square. Om certainly meets your "interesting" requirement, but the dining room, to me, is overpriced. In Kendall Square there's the Blue Room, Oleana, Hungry Mother (the only one in this list I have not been to yet), or Emma's for pizza.

    1. Casual mid-range mostly. Do a board search or check websites if you are interested, and maybe call ahead to see if there's a long wait.

      EVOO: Somerville/Cambridge line. Creative, consistent new American.

      Dali: across from EVOO. Very good tapas, great sangria.

      Oleana: Cambridge Wonderful, Moroccan-influenced spicing, fresh local food.

      Garden at the Cellar: Cambridge. Fresh, great prices, wonderful use of herbs

      Rendezvous: Cambridge. New American

      Casablanca: Harvard Sq. institution. Check website.

      Have fun!