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Oct 15, 2008 03:54 PM

Yellowtail or Okada (Las Vegas)

We will be in Vegas in 2 weeks. I know that yellowtail has opened at The Bellagio. anyone been to both which one would you chose over the other?

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  1. I haven't dined at eithier but I know hands down everyone on this board will go with Okada. I have heard mixed feelings about yellowtail but Okada gets big ups from most people!

    1. You probably won't get much of a response from people who have dined at both, because Yellowtail hasn't been open that long. Okada is serene and gorgeous with very good food. Some may say it's the best Japanese food on the Strip. We had one dinner at Okada and it was quite good. We focused on the cooked items rather than the sushi, since we routinely have excellent sushi at home. In contrast, Yellowtail is open to the casino kind of in the same way that FIX is. So, that lends a whole other atmosphere from the get-go, not to mention the potential of smoke but to be fair that hasn't been an issue when we've eaten at FIX. We looked at the Yellowtail menu and weren't thrilled with the pricing. Speaking for myself, I would choose a return to Okada in a heartbeat over a meal at Yellowtail. Okada really has a special atmosphere.

      1. While Okada has my favorite sushi bar in town, I still plan to give Yellowtail a try. I can't give you experience, but can point out one factor to consider: the sushi bar. Yellowtail doesn't have one. On a more positive note, restaurant critic John Curtas gave Yellowtail a pretty good review.