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Long weekend, lots of food (long)

voodoocheese Oct 15, 2008 03:41 PM

I had a first time visitor from out of town for the last few days- I thought I would let everyone know how it went!

Wednesday night, my visitor arrived after 9pm or so- so we just stopped in at Mr. Crepe for some sweet dessert crepes; nutella and banana for one, s'more for the other... the s'more one was great- should have ordered two!

Thursday morning we went to L.A. Burdick for breakfast- warm croissants, madeleines, hot chocolate and a caramel latte- yum!
For lunch we went to Cafe Polonia, and besides the guy who came in and begged for food at our table, everything was good. The place was completely empty- so we had all the attention from our server! We tried the sour pickle soup, potato and cheese pierogies and a Polish plate with kielbasa and lots of other tasty things. I liked mostly everything, but I don't know how often I would make the trip. Later, while we were exploring Boston, we stopped in at Sweet Cupcakes- my guest was stunned at how good the red velvet cupcake was. I took home a couple of those, and then got a carrot and pumpkin for later.
Dinnertime was Clink in the Liberty Hotel, which is just a great looking place! It seems like a really nice place to meet lots of people for dinner, I'll definitely be coming here more often. No one was extremely hungry, so we ordered some cheeses, some prosciutto and then split a couple orders of the veal sliders (they were amazing!). Dessert was a huge disappointment- I don't actually remember what the dish was! I know it was some kind of custard served with little madeleines- but it wasn't very good and the madeleines tasted like cornbread. I checked the menu, but that dessert isn't on there- maybe a special?

Friday we went to Petsi Pies in the morning, I had the cream cheese coffee cake and my visitor had some kind of raspberry crumble. Both were spectacular, as was my iced latte- the hot latte was not as good (the milk was scalded..).
We went to Russell Orchards in Ipswich for a little day trip, and it was very cute. We had apple cider donuts, apple cider, what looked like black kernel popcorn and I got some pumpkin fudge for later. I also picked up some local honey that I haven't figured out what I'm going to do with!
My plan was to go to the Clam Box for lunch and then White Farms for ice cream, but Clam Box had a crazy line- so we ended up at Choate Bridge Pub (we wanted to try Stone Soup cafe, but it was closed...so sad). As it turns out, my visitor had never tried Steak Tips- and as luck would have it, they were spectacular! Afterwards we split a scoop of White Farms pumpkin ice cream- I just wish they were closer so I could try all the flavors!
Later, for dinner, we went to Dali for tapas. The wait was only a few minutes and then we spent a nice, leisurely evening downing our 2 liters of sangria and ordering plate after plate! The patatas bravas were the table favorite, but we also tried the croquetas de pollo, the plato mixto, scallops in a saffron cream sauce (no one loved this one) and the queso rebozado. For dessert we had the churros, which caused us to all fall over and die. But seriously, one order is enough- and the chocolate sauce was not necessary at all.

Saturday we started at Sel de la Terre, but unfortunately, the actual restaurant was not open for another hour- so we just ordered lattes and a few pastries. The croissants were meh, but the sticky bun was good. If I had been able to heat it for a few seconds, it would have been much, much better!
Our plan for lunch had been to go to Lyceum in Salem, but it turns out they are only open for dinner on weekends? Anyhow, we went to Rockafellas and waited quite a while for very mediocre food. A blah wrap, blah turkey tips, and blah salad. Oh well, next time, sixty2 wharf?
My birthday dinner was Garden at the Cellar. We waited over an hour to be seated- but once that nightmare was over, the meal was great. The tomato soup, pumpkin soup and chicken croquettes were so, so good. We also shared the gnocchi with beef cheeks- but I didn't love it as much. I can't wait to come back here and try everything else on the menu! No dessert was sad, especially considering by the time we left it was too late to do anything else- but as least no one sang to me!

Sunday morning on the way to the airport- I took my guest to Ball Square Cafe and made her order the caramelized banana waffle... she thanked me later. We also went back to Petsi Pies so she could grab a mini savory pie to take on the plane. Brilliant!

As it turns out, I'm a terrible tour guide- but I'm good at picking restaurants!

  1. voodoocheese Oct 17, 2008 07:28 AM

    Honestly, I totally would have waited in that line if it weren't for my impatient visitor! I'll have to go back with someone who doesn't mind the line! I've got another visitor this week, I would love to take her to an orchard; but Russell' s was SO far.

    1. Joanie Oct 16, 2008 04:54 AM

      Wow, you packed a lot in in a few days. I'm hoping to do a Russell's/Clam Box combo this weekend myself (then the Newburyport Art Walk), maybe now that Columbus Day is over the line won't be as crazy.

      Benson's ice cream in Concord has lots of flavors and equally ridiculously huge cones like White Farms, you might give them a shot for something closer.

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      1. re: Joanie
        Joanie Oct 16, 2008 05:47 AM

        Oops, I mean Bedford Farms in Concord.

        1. re: Joanie
          bachslunch Oct 16, 2008 01:49 PM

          A caveat on Bedford Farms -- they don't make their own ice cream. They use Richardson's, which is certainly good, but if one wants ice cream from a place that makes their own, this isn't the spot.

      2. p
        pollystyrene Oct 15, 2008 07:26 PM

        Somebody has a sweet tooth. Your choice of restaurants and dishes are right up my alley--comfort food and sweets. Yum. I don't know where you're located, but I think Kimball's in Carlisle is even better than White Farms, so maybe you could try all the flavors there, although they probably close soon. Oh, well, there's always Toscanini's. Thanks for the drool-inducing report. I love visits from out-of-towners; it's the only way I can justify those great eating out jags.

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