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Oct 15, 2008 03:20 PM

Mountain View Eats

A group of us are attending the Bridge School Benefit this year and will be staying in Mountain View. We are looking for Chow worthy restaurants for a couple of Breakfasts/Brunch and a couple of dinners in the area...nothing too fancy...maybe ethnic...good local eats! Some years ago we dined at a Singaporean/Malaysian place in Mountain View that was great...I have looked and can't figure out which place it was...any ideas what this might be and any other suggestions for good eats would be greatly appreciated!

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    1. Maybe you're thinking of Spice Islands? It was good when it first opened, but has gone into decline.

      As chandavkl suggests, I'd go to Trend. It has Chinese breakfast items on the weekend. Don't know how large your group is, but one part of the L-shaped dining room has three large tables that might work for a little more privacy.

      1. You might also mean Straits Cafe for Singaporean; it's in Palo Alto, on Camino Real.

        1. Your remembered restaurant might have been Baba Yeo - but it's closed now.

          For dinners, I'd suggest Xanh on Castro near the railroad tracks. Great Vietnamese-fusion food, fun atmosphere, friendly staff.

          1. Amber is the most lauded Indian around.

            Make sure to visit the Milk Pail Market if you're looking to get a picnic together. Awesome cheese and produce selection at great prices!