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Has anyone ever eaten at the bar at Babbo?

I heard it's the best way to get a meal there without having to deal with booking a reservation. True? Do I have to come in at a certain time to get a seat? I've been dying to try their mint love letters.

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  1. The wife and i were in Manhatten a couple of years ago and tried last-minute to get a reservation at Babbo. No such ruck, but we were told exactly that - a walk in can most likely sit at the bar.
    So we got a cab over (it was about 8:00pm) and were shown to the bar in minutes. We were somewhat lucky as it was pretty much the last two seats, but to us, the best in the house: we got a commanding view of the rest of the bar as well as the entire joint.
    May I suggest the pig foot milanese...

    1. We've eaten there a couple of times. One time we showed up early on Sunday (they open earlier on Sunday) and the other time right when they opened on a weekday. I've never tried later -- on some days you could be out of luck as they can get super busy. It probably also depends how many you are.

      1. For one or two, it's not bad but can get a little chaotic. I'd go super early (they open the bar for bar service because the kitchen starts dinner service) or super late (like 10pm).

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          What time do they take seating for the bar? A few minutes before opening time of the restaurant, a half hour before? (Dinner service begins at 5:30..)

        2. Just had dinner at Babbo on Saturday night. We walked in around 7/7:30 and had to wait a little over a hour for 2 seats at the bar. If you go on the earlier side, it's much easier to get a bar table or seats at the bar. Beef cheek ravioli is my favorite item in the menu, but we had a really great veal breast entrée that night as well. Enjoy!

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              I don't mind earplugs if the food is as good as everyone says! Thanks for all the advice and tips everyone. I think I'm going to go ahead and make this experience happen!

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                It's noisy but it's not THAT noisy! Babbo is not a rock concert.

              2. yes and it's totally awesome. the breadsticks are to die for! i'm a new fan of eating at bars, anyway. the service is impeccable at B and it's just as good at the bar. not to mention they'll let you sample all the wines before you commit to one.

                1. I always eat at the bar and it's because I refuse to deal with reservations. I was at Babbo last Monday and got the last open seat around 6:30 pm IIRC. It was a mob scene w/in an hour.

                  lamb tongue app was FANTASTIC pasta special was meh. Bar service was FANTASTIC and worth a return visit on its own. I dark haired woman was tending bar, I believe her name was Amanda. She's a rock star.

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                    Next trip I have a whirlwind - having drinks at Bar Americain and then getting on subway to go to Babbo, it'll be Wed around 7 so I think I'll be OK at the bar. What subway stop do I get off at?