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Oct 15, 2008 02:36 PM

Allergic to pectin? Smoothie recipe help!

I make smoothies each week for our school, and have a child who cannot have pectin/is allergic to pectin, and I am told no oranje juice, no apple juice etc.

Can someone help me with a recipe for a tasty smoothie- I feel my only choice is a celery spinach with a banana and water....

Help! I want to make this kids day!

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  1. how about banana-peanut butter, or chocolate-banana, or banana-choc-pb, and keep recombining?

    1. Can he have sweetend soy milk? I make a very good smoothie with vanilla soy milk, yogurt (I use plain, but you could use a fruit yogurt) banana,strawberries etc.

      1. Interesting from a scientific standpoint, as oral pectin allergies have not been reported in the medical literature (as of 2006):

        "Inhalation of pectin has been identified as a cause of occupational asthma. However, allergic reactions to orally ingested pectin have not been reported."

        Ferdman, Ronald M.1; Ong, Peck Y.1; Church, Joseph A. Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, Volume 97, Number 6, December 2006 , pp. 759-760(2)

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          Thank you for the suggestions - the choco peanutbutter sounds GREAT, but I have made a personal pledge not to use sugar, chocolate or anything to "intice" the kids into it. This item is sold alongside capri-sun and chocomilk & regular lowfat- out of 225 kids- I sell close to 100 each week.

          I normally use banana, frozen mango, frozen mixed berries and a great juice I have found that is low in crud and no high fructose corn syrup- and water - each batch is slightly different. Each juice in the line I purchase has apple and or orange juice- and when pressed, his aide said he is allergic to pectin, so I am not sure of the claim, but will assume she is 100% CORRECT.

          I will inquire as to the yogurt/soy milk combo- but think I will ask the aide first, as not alarm the child- who knows what experience they have- I know my daughter would make a cringing face if I said soy milk- and she probably has no idea what it is- haha. I am thinking this might work.

          It really is fun to do this each week, I am lucky my PTA bought a Vita Mix for me, so I am trying to earn the $$$ back!

          1. re: JalamaMama

            i hear you on the anti-choco. the banana peanut? or is it a peanut-free school, as so many are now. . . vanilla rice milk might also be a tasty option for this child-- the "rice dream" brand available in health stores is pretty smooth and good.

            i love yogurt-cucumber-sea salt smoothies----but, i'll assume this is a little wacky for the kid in question :)

        2. pectin is a component of plant cell walls, and is present in varying amounts in ALL plants - including bananas, celery & spinach. among fruits, citrus & apples have the highest pectin content. you need to clarify the specific details of the allergy and get a complete list of foods to which the child is allergic.

          although i would have a difficult time believing it, if the child is allergic to ANY food that contains pectin, then he or she can't eat fruits, vegetables or legumes, period.

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            1. re: JalamaMama

              i counsel a lot of families with children who have a wide variety of food allergies & intolerances, and it's always your safest bet to get a comprehensive list. you don't want to be responsible for making some poor child sick with your thoughtful gesture!

              1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                Yes, I will have to do this.

                We have celiac in our circle of friends and our family, so I totally understand the importance of being sure and aware of everything...

                I just was a tad bit put off today, when I suggested to this child that I would try and make a special smoothie they could have, and the aide made a huge deal out of not doing it, that there was too much to risk, that I just shouldn't do it. The look on this kids face said to me, PLEASE DO IT FOR ME LADY.

                So I am gonna do it, no matter what, but absolutely need to be 100% sure- I do not want to make someone sick, especially with a silly smoothie!

                Thanks everyone.

                1. re: JalamaMama

                  please post back once you find out what this child can & can't have...then we can offer some suggestions. you're doing a very thoughtful and generous thing.

                  1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                    So today was smoothie day....after speaking with the mother of my subject- we decided to try the yogurt route- and I used a fruited low fat blueberry, fresh banana, low fat milk and a few frozen strawberries- pretty darn good.

                    The mother said no juice, due to the allergy to "high pectin". She stated his reaction was severe if he came into contact. I didn't ask what the reaction was...I was sure to make the smoothie first, before the juiced ones- no cross contamination

                    Thank you everybody- she was thrilled I made the effort to contact her, and the child was happy with the smoothie- and it was a minute amount of extra effort.

                    1. re: JalamaMama

                      terrific! i'm so glad it worked out :) note for next time - read the yogurt labels carefully - many are thickened with pectin from apples & citrus fruit.

                      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                        Yes indeed. I am a label reader from way back. My daughter begs for D'animal and Trix type yogurt, and I won't budge. I tell her if they have to put a cartoon on the food, it must be crud.

                        I am smoothied out for the day- sold over 80 today!

            2. re: goodhealthgourmet

              I am also allergic to pectin. Pectin does originate from fruits, however, it's the process of extracting the pectic which I am allergic. In one of the processes, the fruit is fermented to a fungus then the pectin is extracted.

            3. I have never heard of a pectin allergy, but I know (and used to be one) many little kids who can't take apple juice or orange juice or they get ***ridiculous*** diarrhea. I've heard this can be from the acid in the juices, from the pesticides, from the high concentration of the natural sugars... really, I have no idea. But it's a bummer because apple juice is such a cheap "natural" sweetener, it's in all sorts of juicy kid things. Just *try* finding a juicebox or a smoothie without apple juice.

              I don't have a lot of suggestions for you since I was hoping to learn from this thread myself! But ... good for you for working to make something nice for this kid. It is really kind of you!