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Best Turkey Burger

I am trying to find the best turkey burger in NYC. So far the best one I've had has been at Westville, but that was only good not great.

Any recommendations for a great turkey burger?

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  1. I'm a fan of Zaitzeff. Not really a destination place though, more of an "if you're already in the area place" to just grab something quick. the stuff there is all good quality though.

    1. The spicy chicken burger at RARE is VERY tasty.

      1. I like the tuekry burger at maggie's pub. Scallions and black beans inside. It's actualy how I make mine now.

        1. Westville East has a delicious turkey burger served on a portuguese muffin. You can get it with sweet potato fries instead of regular french fries, which are divine.

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            Ditto, but OP says they have already tried it there!

          2. Zaitzeff and Westville East/West hold my favorite turkey burgers in the city, and both are on a tasty Portuguese muffin.

            1. i'd be interested in hearing more suggestions on this too...good turkey burgers are something i really got used to eating when i lived in LA, but here they are scarce...

              i believe i had a decent one at Bubby's in Tribeca a while back, but Bubby's food&service got to be so incredibly erratic that i haven't been there in ages...no idea whether things are okay these days...

              i also think i had a good one at Pete's Tavern a very long time ago, and i believe it's only on the lunch menu...

              would like to hear current takes on the turkey burger at these places and others...

              sidenote: my ideal turkey burger comes topped w/ fresh avocado, beefsteak tomato, and great meaty bacon...(and gets a strong hit of tabasco from me)...

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                They can be hit and miss, but the turkey burgers at New York Burger and Co. are pretty decent, and you can get avocado and bacon on them.

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                  I would recommend Rare Bar & Grill's Turkey burger.

                2. I'm a fan of the turkey burger at Westside Brewing Company on the UWS. The burger is nicely seasoned and served on an english muffin. You have the option of regular fries, sweet potato fries or onion rings with it.

                  1. Try the Grey Dog on Carmine St. (I believe it's all white meat, you can choose the bread) and Paul's Place on 2nd Ave (it's basically a big sloppy burger and there are a million ways to have it...). Both are yummy!

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                      I've had the turkey burger at Grey Dog, its fine, better than average but theres nothing that really elevates it to a higher level. Never even heard of Paul's Place so i'll have to check it out.

                    2. I like the turkey burger at Stand - but I ask to have the sauce on the side since it can get a little messy.

                      1. I's a fan of the turkeyburgers at French Roast, 6th Ave and 11th street. Comes with fries OR a green salad, and very good bbq sauce. sg

                        1. I used to love the turkey burgers at Ceder Tavern RIP and have not found any to replace them.