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Oct 15, 2008 02:10 PM

Restaurant with Good Vegetarian Options

Hi there,

I'm looking for a good restaurant with some (not a ton, but some) good vegetarian entrees. My husband and I are big meat eaters and our two friends are vegetarian. We'd like to go somewhere with good atmosphere... something like avec, where it's fun and modern. Id' rather not do Italian and am thinking more Contemporary American. Price really isn't an issue. Any ideas?


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  1. Any particular location (city neighborhood or suburban town)?

    On the north side (and a short cab ride from the downtown hotels), North Pond has a wonderful atmosphere (due to its setting in the middle of Lincoln Park) and with their emphasis on local and seasonal ingredients, there are excellent options for vegetarians. On the northwest side, another such place is Lula, in Logan Square.

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      Thanks! North Pond is a great option. I'll have to check out Lula. We would like to stay within city limits.

      1. re: scout1

        Both restaurants are in the city limits. From the center of the Loop (downtown Chicago), North Pond is roughly 3.5 miles north, and Lula is about 5 miles northwest.

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          I would second Lula - North Pond is great, but I think the atmosphere @ Lula would be just what you're looking for.