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Oct 15, 2008 02:10 PM

Freezing cooked chicken

We cooked some extra chicken breasts Monday night and no one ate them today, so I though about putting them in the freezer to add to a pasta dish down the road, how well does it freeze? Re heats good?

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  1. You can freeze the uneaten chicken breasts by wrapping them in plastic wrap, then putting them in a zip lock freezer bag. I like to mark the outside of the bag with a Sharpee pen with the date and what's inside. Just thaw in the fridge, and use as you planned.

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      I would only add that you remember to wrap the chicken pieces very tightly in the plastic wrap and that you make sure you get all of the air (well, as much as possible) out of the freezer bag.

    2. I cook and freeze a lot when I have house guests/in-laws coming, so I have a lot of experience with cooked frozen chicken dishes. You must re-heat it very gently or it will fall apart. The breasts will become slightly stringy/shredded. Naturally the texture won't be as good as freshly cooked chicken, but it is highly do-able. When you make your pasta sauce, add the defrosted chicken in at the very last minute just to heat through.

      1. We usually roast whole birds, so I freeze a lot of cooked chicken. My suggestion would be to cut up or shred the chicken (depending on how you plan to use it) before you freeze it. When you're ready to use, defrost in fridge, then mix in to pasta (or sauce) at the last minute, with just enough time to heat the chicken through. This helps tremendously with the texture. I rarely freeze whole chicken breasts, as I find that reheating them ruins their flavor and texture...

        1. I have a can of boned chicken and was wondering if I could freeze it? I want to make shredded chicken sandwiches but this can is gonna be way too much and I dont want to waste any id rather save it for a later time. Would I prepare the whole can then freeze it or can I just seperate it and only make what I need?? Thank you.