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Need a Caterer in Toronto

I just need a caterer that can put together a holiday lunch for a group of approx. 500 people at my work.

What we need is very basic. Turkey, stuffing, veggies, potatoes, cranberry sauce, a vegetarian option (i.e. veggie lasagna), punch and little finger desserts. This is what they've had every year for the past 50 years and this is what they want to continue to have.

It doesn't sound all that difficult, but the caterer that was "recommended" to me last year made a cluster**** of the event. I do NOT want a repeat of that nightmare.

Any suggestions?

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  1. I used Noble Culinary (www.nobleculinary.com) for a wedding reception in my home (25 people) but they have done events for hundreds if not thousands (they did the Much Music Video Awards for example). The food, service, clean-up was outstanding - highly recommended.

    1. I used Herrera's for my wedding this past August and they were amazing... In fact, we got compliments from our guests raving!!! We served beef tenderloin and if you can believe it they were able to pull off medium rare for most of the plates. Can you believe that?

      Patricia who owns the company is fantastic to work with, she has a patient ear and great team.


      1. For basic needs that you describe, not crazy fancy food, I reccommend Rose Riesman Catering for good, hearty, straight forward, reasonable...very pleasantly unexpected because when I think of Rose Riesman, I think of the Pickle Barrel. And, in regards to overall service, they are great...having dealt with most of TO's caterers, I can say that service/attitudes in general need big improvements...I have done 8 corporate events with RR this year and all of them went super smooth.

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          Sunny Langer does excellent lunches at reasonable prices.
          Although I haven't used his services in a couple of years, I have used him many times for large luncheons.
          Always satisfied.

        2. Thanks guys. I'll check out all 3.

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            Caterers like L-Eat or Urban Fare do simple foods really well and with a good price point.

          2. Thanks everyone. Just wanted to post an update. We ended up deciding to hold our event off-site, so we're stuck with their caterer.

            However, I did speak with all of the mentioned caterers and got quotes from many. Of all of them, I was most impressed with Noble Culinary. Truly professional with exacting standards to the point that their quote included some things for free in order to ensure the event was a success. I had originally turned these things down due to cost.

            Thanks for the reco butcher. Hopefully I'll get to use them in the future.

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              Hi Davedigger,

              Can you remember approximately how much per head the cost was? I'm looking at an event for 20-30, which means my per/person cost will likely be higher, but just want to get an idea of cost.


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                Food and bevs were being charged at approx. $26/head.

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                  Thanks. That seems pretty reasonable.

            2. Looking for a catering company that will do a bbq for approx. 30 people for our wedding this July. We want our guests to be able to help themselves to whatever whenver. We are looking for a mix of bbq chicken, shrimp kebabobs and steak. Any suggestions??

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                You should check out Ezra Title of Chez Vous. He does a great job, fantastic guy and will do whatever it takes to make sure you enjoy your special day. He catered a birthday party for my hubby and everyone was wowed by it.

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                    I second and third Ezra Title of Chez Vous. This sort of thing is what his mandate in life is. No joke. Contact him.

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                    Has anyone here ever tried Ted Reader's BBQ catering company? Looks interesting - I have his cookbooks but have never heard of anyone using his catering services:


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                      Oh my gosh! i just checked out his site and loved the menu. Please if anyone has used this caterer please give us your feedback ASAP! This would be perfect for our day and hopefully he is flexible on flavouring of meats as we would like to incorporate our Jamaican/Colombian culture.

                  3. Try The Food Dudes also (http://www.thefooddudes.com/). They do some pretty cool stuff and I know they have done some bug events like this before.