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Thermometers, Anyone??

achilles007 Oct 15, 2008 01:48 PM

Hi-- I am a new cooker and am looking for 2 really great thermometers-- one for deep-frying (esp. chicken) and one for on the grill...

I have seen a couple of grill thermometers that can sit inside the grill along with the meat-- was wondering what type of therm that was...

Anyways-- just something accurate and can read high temperatures-- And do probes tend to wear out easily?...If so, I dont want them...

Any suggestions...

  1. d
    duck833 Oct 15, 2008 02:19 PM

    Best grilling thermometer is from Thermapen. Instant read within 1%, but they are not cheap.


    1. swanly21 Oct 15, 2008 02:01 PM

      best place to get thermometers is a restaurant supply store--an oil/candy thermometer will be less than $5 and its the same one you pay $20 for @ ws--and i love ws!

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