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Wedding thoughts on Paddy's, Misquamicut or Mystic Aquarium...or others?

I'm planning a wedding on the East Coast while living in Los Angeles so I'm heavily dependant on the web. I'm from CT and my fiancee's from Boston, but we've been in LA for the past 6 years and are a little out of touch. We want a "New England" wedding that shares our love for the beach. I'm idealistically hoping to combine beachy casual with elegant/chic and would love to find a unique venue. Potentially looking at Easton's Beach Rotunda in Newport but came across two other interesting ideas while looking at caterers' websites and venues. Has anyone been to a wedding or had a wedding at either Paddy's in Misquamicut, RI or Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, CT? I know Paddy's looks a little clubby in the summer (I haven't been there), but I'm wondering if there might be some potential to turn the space into something really fun? And the aquarium looks beautiful...but is weird to be surrounded by fish while you try to eat and dance? The couple that we are, our guests are definitely going to expect PARTY, FUN, Unique...yet, because I used to manage a catering department...somehow elegant and delicious too. Thoughts? THANKS!

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  1. I haven't been to a wedding there, but nothing about Paddy's even hints at elegance or chic. Don't get me wrong, it is a great place for a drink, beach volleball, etc., but I doubt it is what you are looking for.

    I have been to a cocktail reception at the Aquarium and it was very cool, but I have a hard time visualizing dancing and dining there.

    I'm not familiar with the place you name in Newport, but Newport itself is awesome and would be my first choice of the places you mentioned. I believe some of the mansions can be rented for events. That might be a fun option too.

    1. Don't know Paddy's, but agree with joaniebaby about the Aquarium. Lovely space, but somewhat surreal for a wedding. I've passed the Easton's Beach venue and it looks nice-festive in that it's on the beach. Have you checked out the Newport Yachting Center? It's right smack in the middle of downtown Newport, on the Harbor. I've been to and observed some lovely events there, as elegant and unique and fun as can be.

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        Blackstone Caterers are also a great resource. Their website shows lots of venues and menus that might be helpful.

      2. Paddy's is basically a seedy bar on the beach. I'd nix it from your wedding repertoire asap.

        1. Hi there. Go to www.mysticshootthecake.com. This is Kate Mercer's new company. She is a Mystic area photographer who works with some of the most beautiful places to have weddings in SE Connecticut -- beaches, mansions, gorgeous. Take a look and you'll get a feel for some of the locations. Paddy's is a flip flops kind of hang out.

          1. I live in Rhode Island and have attended my fair share of events here. I have a few ideas.

            1.) The Eisenhower House in Newport - this mansion is located on the grounds of Fort Adams. There is a huge expanse of lawn that stretches right down to the rocky coastline. I have attended parties here and always enjoy it. Your guest can relax outside and enjoy the great views. One party that I attended here had an outside clambake and an "adult puppet show" which was a huge hit.
            2.) On Goat Island in Newport - There are several wedding reception buildings that basically front the entrance to Newport Harbor. Beautiful on a warm summer evening.Go to : www.newportexperience.com
            3.) Castle Hill Inn in Newport - it doesn't get any better than this place on a warm summer day. www.castlehillinn.com
            4.) On the rocks at Beavertail on the island of Jamestown- we passed a wedding taking place last Saturday right on the rocks at Beavertail point - a little risky but if you get a beautiful day it is unique!
            I have also seen weddings right on the docks at Goat Island Marina and wedding parties at various marinas in Newport.
            I would not pick the aquarium at Mystic because it is a bit of a touristy area and you can do better! Don't know Paddy's...

              1. Wow! This is all great information. Thank you!

                1. Hi! I really would not say Paddys would make an elegant setting. The Rotunda in Newport is BEAUTIFUL...the view is amazing, I have been to several weddings there and between the florist and caterers they can really make it special. Blackstone Caterers does a wonderful job and they are 1 mile from the venue, if you go for a tasting and to view the location. The Atlantic Beach club also does a great Job- beautiful room , great view very professonal staff, great food (upstairs). Also the Towers in Narragansett (very elegant /chic )offers a beautiful location, Historic towers. beautiful inside, great location for pictures...right across from the beach. hotel right across the street ,and the Coast guard house(restaurant & bar) next to continue the party after or rehersal dinner. Blackstone also caters there too.

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                    A bonus for the Newport Yachting Center is the many many choices of lodging within walking distance. Major chain hotels, as well as inns, small hotels, and B&Bs.

                  2. My high school prom was at the Mystic Aquarium, ok that was 25 years ago and they've since renovated numerous times but it makes an awesome venue. I highly recommend the aquarium. I used to bartend and worked many weddings and functions at the aquarium. In the past few years I've had several work funtions there. Dining and dancing amongst the tanks and displays is incredible. Also, if your wedding is at night they do open up a small area outside. I'm not sure if they have their own onsite caterer or you can bring in your own caterer but the work functions I mentioned above, the food was excellent.

                    1. Ocean Blue Catering at Mystic Aquarium does an excellent job! I have been to wedding receptions there and always enjoyed them. Your guests will enjoy watching the whales, penguins, and fish. There are plenty of hotels and motels nearby, as well as many local activities. You can see more pictures at http://WWW.NutmegJusticeOfThePeace.Co... or search.

                      1. My suggestion is Eisenhower House in Newport. We did that for our wedding and it worked out very well. Catered with a lobster boil, great view to boot.

                        We also looked at Mt Hope Farm in Bristol. Awesome view and three different sites available, one on the water and two inland.

                        I've been to a wedding at Blithewold Mansion in Bristol. That was spectacular.

                        There are several wineries in the area also; Sakonnet and Greenvale are the more picturesque.