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Oct 15, 2008 01:32 PM

newyorker searching for beer in Atlanta

Hi. I'm a beer lover and am traveling to Atlanta for the first time. What beers do I have to try? I prefer beers that I can't get here in NYC, but if you're not familiar with that any good beer I can get in Atlanta will do. I've read abut a couple of beer places in beer advocate but I would like to know more about specific beers, and also if there is a great beer place that you'd like to share, i'll be glad to try it. Thanks!

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  1. Sweetwater Brewing Co. is the big one down there. It's not bad either. They have a really nice brewery that offers tours and an extensive tasting special. Its like ten bucks and you get ten beers. I don't think they are allowed to sell the beer at the place but you pay a cover and you get a glass.

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      Thanks, I am eager to try the Donkey Punch Barley Wine and their IPA. Is there something else I should try? It does not have to be FROM Atlanta, but something from nearby not that easy to find over here.

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        Donkey Punch was only a limited release. They have a very good strong-ish ESB called Motor Boat that's out now and just won at GABF. Sweetwater's IPA is just an all-around excellent beer.

        You definitely need to get to The Brick Store in Decatur. I was just there last night to try an (excellent) cask aged version of Terrapin Brewing's limited release Gamma Ray wheat wine. That's gone, but they may have the regular version, as well as a selection and setting that puts it into the category of top beer bars in the country. Be sure to visit the Belgian bar upstairs.

        Just down the street from TBS is Twain's, a poolhall/brewpub that's also making some very good beers. And 5 Seasons Brewing is worth the trip, although I'd be tempted to make the trek to the Alpharetta location b/c of the construction strangle at the Sandy Springs one.

        Saw your restaurant request on the South board. Please, please do a little research and ask about some specific places. I've been participating here for something like 10 years, and I get tempted to just not respond to someone who pops in for a list and then is never heard from again. So, pick a couple places to ask about and let us know what you think afterward. Thanks!

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          Ey, thanks, I sure will. I understand, I almost never reply to NYC requests of the sort, so I feel a little ashamed to ask in general terms. I'll try the Motor Boat then. I checked out Five Season's website, thanks, I'll be there in about a week so Il wait and see what's on tap then.

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            Star Provisions will likely have the Sweet Grass cheese. If not, Whole Foods or Alon's has had it in the past. Several years ago, and they may have outgrown this, they quit producing the soft cheese over the winter to give the animals a rest. FYI, Alon's in Morningside is very convenient to the Emory area and is one of the best bakeries in town. Plus they make amazing sandwiches.

            There aren't many/any BYO restaurants here. And I have no idea what they'd charge for corkage if you wanted to take your bottle. Best thing to do is call ahead and ask. Usually, BYO lasts only from when the restaurant opens until they get their pouring license squared away.

            If you get the chance, Holeman & Finch is a recent fave of mine.

            Crawford Moran is the brewer at 5 Seasons in Alpharetta; Kevin McNerney just took over as brewer at the Sandy Springs location. Crawford owned the now-defunct Dogwood Brewing Co and Kevin is a founder of Sweetwater. Oh, and the brewer at Twain's, Jordan, was brewing at Dogwood before it shut down. And Terrapin's brewer used to brew at 5 Seasons. [cue 'Dueling Banjos' for brewing incest theme]

    2. Although I'm no longer an Atlantan, I have it on good authority that the Brick Store Pub in Decatur is a very good place for beer in the Atlanta area.

      1. I'm not an Atlantan, but when I visited a couple years ago I found the Brick Store Pub to be one of the best beer bars I've visited in any city. And I've been to some great beer bars.

        I also enjoyed the 5 Seasons Brewpub. Both the food and the beer there were very good.