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Oct 15, 2008 01:18 PM

NYC Hound In Atlanta.Some Questions

I am traveling to Atlanta for my Birthday for 7 days. I’ll be basically eating. I will stay near Emory because I’m visiting a friend who teaches there, but we will have a car, so I don’t mind long worthwhile drives. I am planning to have one fine dining meal on my Bday and then a lot of great meals. I would like to have something that is not as good here in NYC. What would be your choice of these cuisines (and if there is something else that is really good, please give me some advise): Peruvian, Greek, Afghan, Eastern European (polish in particular) Mexican, North or southern Indian, Lebanese, Venezuelan, Chinese (any style), thai (any style as well), French Caribbean, Korean, Brazilian, Cuban, Japanese, Puerto Rican, Senegalese, Spanish, and finally American, southern food. I am not asking for one of each cuisine, of course, I just want to have an idea of what can’t I miss or what would be a nice casual place to eat in Atlanta. I will really appreciate your help!

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  1. I am so glad you get to spend 7 days here in Atlanta. For your birthday, the best restaurant that I love is Bacchanalia. It is a truly great dining experience. I also really like Restaurant Eugene.
    There is a great restaurant called Nicola's, it's on LaVista, it is Lebanese food and so good, go on a Friday or Saturday night.
    There is 10 Degrees South on Roswell Rd., Africa food, excellent.
    Bhojanic is on Clairmont for Indian food.
    Kurt's Restaurant in Duluth is German.
    Kyma is upscale Greek food and really very good.
    Oh and for southern, Watershed in Decatur but also you need to go to Colonnade on Cheshire Bridge.
    That reminds me that Nakato is right there on Cheshire Bridge for Japanese.
    My favorite Mexican restaurant is in Tucker, Taqueria de los Hermanos. I just had a seafood soup on Sat. that was unbelievable. But everything I have had there is so very good.
    That is it for now, if I think of other greats I will let you know. I do hope you have a wonderful eating experience.

    1. Near Emory, I would most definitely hit up Mediterranean Grill for casual Turkish/Mediterranean.

      There is a great Thai place called Thai Me Up in downtown Decatur that has a great $10 early-bird 5-7pm dinner special (app+entree+dessert).

      Definitely do Watershed in Decatur on Tuesday night for the best fried chicken on planet Earth - come early if you can so you can be guaranteed an order.

      If you like beer, it is hard to beat Brick Store Pub in Decatur - very near Emory - they have hundreds of imported Belgian-style trappist ales and beers.

      Imperial Fez in S. Buckhead/N. Midtown would be a good experience if you like Moroccon and a unique dining experience.

      If you want good BBQ I would recommend KC Pit BBQ near Roswell Road. Their ribs and smoked wings are rocking. Watch the sweet is diabetic sugar shock sweet.

      Make sure you hit up the Varsity.

      There is a Polish place called Gimza in Norcross - not that far away - that I've heard is good. They are closed on Mondays.

      STATS downtown is a cool sports bar that has at-your-table-beer-taps and offers very nicely-priced higher end sportsbar food options.

      I also second 10 Degrees South for really good continental South African fare - it is a bit spendy but quite good. Try the SA beer that they sometimes have - I think it is called Rook or Castle or something.

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        That description of the Brickstore doesn't do it justice, it is one of the 10 best beer bars in the world and has some good food too. BTW: It ranks higher than any NY establishments.

        For good southern food and a real experience, Carver's Grocery but call before you go so you know they are open. Only open for lunch and if you eat there you might not need dinner (Im not kidding when I say that. I eat a lot and their lunch often tides me over until breakfast)

        1. re: edhula3

          Thank you all, Im wrtiting everything down. Also thanks for the Brickstore rec. Indeed, Beer Advocate ranks it higher than my 2 favorite NYC beer bars, Im eager to try it. Do I need to make reservations for 10 Degrees? Im thinking of Bachannalia for my Bday night, but haven't yet decided. Also, where is Carver's located?

          1. re: jacques gaudet

            Carvers Grocery

            1118 W Marietta St NW
            Atlanta, GA 30318-4962
            Phone: (404) 794-4410

            Cross Street: Marietta Boulevard NW
            Hours: Tue-Fri 11am-3pm

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              Drop & ADD

              First of all, I won’t be staying at Emory, I’ll be staying next to the Carter Center instead. Thanks for the info and recomm. above.

              Ok, Here is what I’ve got so Far. I’ll just write down some places I’m planning to go, sometimes with questions, sometimes not. I would REALLY appreciate if you cold tell me if there is something wrong with any of them, or if the food is not remarkable or if there is better option of a particular cuisine. The truth is I won’t be able to go to ALL of these places, after all I’ll be there just 7 days, so if there is a place that’s not as good as the others or if I have places that turn out to be redundant could you please tell me?

              High End (for Bday): Bacchanalia or Eugene

              Rest of the week: Bhojanic (is it north Indian? any remarkable dish?), Holeman & Finch, 10 Degrees South, Nicola’s, Greenwood's, Rumis Kitchen, Floataway Cafe, Shaun’, Taka (or Haru Ichiban or Nakato), Kyma, Watershed, Carver’s, KC Pit BBQ

              Taquería Los rayos or T. de los hermanos
              (I have a question regarding Mexican places over there. I’m not looking for tacos de carnitas, al pastor et al because that’s what you find in Queens or in LA where lived before moving to NYC. I have a craving for a tasty cochinita pibil, and for any huitlacoche and flor de calabaza dishes. Does that place exist? If not, I’ll skip the Mexican place since it seems you have many other places over there)

              1. re: jacques gaudet

                Bacchanalia is my favorite restaurant in town. The food is amazing, and the relaxed pace of the meal makes the experience even better.

                10 Degrees South is another favorite. I've never had a bad meal there. I recommend the bobotie and the peri-peri. Both are excellent.

                As far as redundancies - Floataway is owned by the same group that owns Bacchanalia. If you don't have time for all of your choices, I'd choose Bacchanalia for your birthday and skip Floataway.

                1. re: jacques gaudet

                  On the Mexican scene, if you don't want tacos then don't go to Taqueria Los rayos, I do like the place but that's basically what it is. Taqueria de Los Hermanos has some exceptional specials. They usually have a couple outstanding seafood specials. I don't recall them having the dishes you mentioned but they have had Ropa Vieja and wonderful brisket and stews.
                  There is one other place to throw in the mix then. It is caribbean and colombian it is awesome, Mi Pilon. They serve kinda cafeteria style.
                  They have oxtail and cabrito, the pork there is outstanding. If you go ask for the green sauce, so flavorful and hot but the good kind of hot.
                  I hope you enjoy.

                    1. re: jacques gaudet

                      I don't know that Taqueria dos Hermanos will have what you list, but it's still worth a visit. Los Rayos is as Katj pointed out- but I had really good carnitas there the other day.

                      You'll likely be nearby Pura Vida, Sotto Sotto/Fritti, et al in the Inman Park/4th Ward area by the Carter Center. I haven't been to Two Urban Licks since it opened, and it was more scene than food then. And Highland Bakery is good for bread/breakfast. But it's worth a trip to Alon's, too.

                      It's still worth a trip to The Brick Store. Of the serious-commitment destination places you list (i.e. far away), Greenwood's is worth it. As is Rumi's (at least at lunch; haven't been for dinner).

                      For BBQ, I'd go to Fox Bros, or maybe Rolling Bones, over KC Pit for reasonably-close-by places.

                      As for Bhojanic, I admit my overall knowledge on Indian is sparse. But it's one of the few non-vegetarian Indian places here. I really like the chicken 65 appetizer- we'll usually get that and a thali plate to share.

                      Have fun exploring!

                      1. re: jacques gaudet

                        Shaun's and Holman & Finch are both good choices. In the same vein (Southern, Farm-to-Table, Chef-driven) I also really like Cakes & Ale in Decatur. Dinner at Cakes & Followed followed by a short walk up to the Brickstore is just about a perfect night in Decatur.

                        Mary Mac's Tearoom is quality old-school Southern "meat and three" and definitely worth a visit. You also need to go to the Varsity for a chili-cheese dog, onion rings, and a frosted orange. Skipping the Varsity while in Atlanta is like skipping In-and-Out when you're in LA.

              2. For your birthday ... Bacchanalia, Bacchanalia, Bacchanalia if you love fresh and innovative farm to table cuisine presented in an elegant but unpretentious manner. Check them out at

                1. For southern, I would suggest either Mary Mac's on Ponce de Leon Ave.or The Collonade on Cheshire Bridge Road. Greenwood's is a modern take on southern and always outstanding. Mi Pilon is Dominican and one of my favorite restaurants of any type in all of metro Atlanta. 10 Degrees South was thoroughly enjoyed by my South African son-in-law. Watershed on Tuesday evening (make reservations) for fried chicken is excellent. I prefer Sam & Dave's BBQ, but KC PIt BBQ is very good, as is Rolling Bones, and Swallow at the Hollow. So Kong Dong serves very good Korean to an almost totally Korean clientele. Porto Brasil has an excellent Brazilian buffet ($8.95 per person on Sunday afternoon, which is the only times I have eaten there).

                  1. Peruvian and Puerto Rican: Salsa con Sabor, outstanding.

                    Eastern European: Gimza (Polish) and Rodopi (Bulgarian) are both excellent. Haven't tried Stefan's (Slovakian), but the word is that it is also very good although somewhat pricier.

                    Venezuelan: Natarica and Mango are the only ones I heard but haven't tried. There's a few Colombian places though.

                    Spanish: the only real Spanish I've found in Atlanta was Don Juan, long gone though.

                    Afghan, Senegalese: you are asking too much I'm afraid.

                    Also really good: Persian (Falafel Cafe), Ethiopian (Ledet II, Queen of Sheba), Somali (Darussalam), Cambodian (Phnom Penh), Dominican (Mi Pilón), Argentinean/Uruguayan (Gaucho's Grill I on Jimmy Carter - try their parrilla).


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                    1. re: quimbaya

                      Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll be heading there this weekend and I'll report back.

                      1. re: jacques gaudet

                        Bacchanalia, watershed or greenwoods, swallow at the hollow for bbq and live music on weekend nights (small intimate nashville type), kyma for greek.

                        1. re: jimboknows

                          Hi. Thanks to all for the help. I went to Bacchanalia, which was really good. I also bought some cheese at Star Provisions, loved the store. I had the crab appetizer,a pork loin +pork belly dish (belly was better than loin), the cheese platter-which was worth the extra $10, and a chocolate cake. This was the highlight of the trip. I ended up staying 3 days instead of a week, so i have a nice list now for next time. I went to watershed and had the fried chicken, but it did not blow my mind. I ended up going to 2 places that weren't on my list because friends took me there: Half "something" (the liver appetizer was very good the rest was not memorable), and a tapas places in midtown, but i do not remember the name now (it was not cuerno but it was walking distance from cuerno), they had good bresaola. Also went to the brickstore bar, which was great.