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Oct 15, 2008 01:00 PM

Best Vietnamese Shrimp Rolls?

These are the ones that are wrapped in rice paper (not fried or anything); usually contains lettuce, Vietnamese basil, shrimp, and vermicelli... some places add other stuff. And comes with a sauce. Appears on the appetizer part of the menus.

I've had it at:
1. The Train (Xe Lua) on Spadina, which I think might be my favourite. Good size, rice paper is never ripped or too dry or sticky, and filled just right. Had good proportion of the ingredients. Comes with the Hoi Sin sauce.

2. Pho 88 on Spadina, my least favourite. Had too much vermicelli and not enough of everything else. This one comes with a peanut sauce, which wasn't very good. I ended up use the Hoi Sin sauce on the table they had out. It also seemed like it was pre-made, by how dry the rice paper was. And if memory serves me correctly, it was lacking the basil.

3. Pho Hung on Spadina, not bad, though the rice paper was a little dry as well, but it came with ample shrimp (which is good in my books). Also had the Hoi Sin sauce.

4. Spring Roll on Eglinton, makes something similar called the 'sexy summer roll', which I really enjoyed. Adding smoke salmon was a great idea to give it more substance (and charge more of course!). Although, it didn't come with a hoi sin sauce, their own sauce was perfect with a good amount of sweet and a little bit of spicy kick. (note, this is the only item I like at Spring Roll)

Is there a place that any CH-ers really like or dislike, and I'm curious to know if there are other creative fusion type rolls (i.e. the sexy summer roll at Spring Roll).?

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  1. l'm also a fan of these rolls. Before they closed, I use to get my fix at the Lanes Food Court (just S of the Sheridan Centre) at a vendor called "Noodle Concepts". They were called "salad rolls" and one roll came with their pho specials....simple. but hit the spot. Now, I usually order the "sexy summer roll" with pho gai at Spring Rolls. Have not been that pleased with the versions from various Pho outlets.

    1. Love Golden Turtle on Ossington - halfway between Dundas/Queen on East side.

      1. I enjoy a good fresh roll - pho 89 in Mississauga and Oakville does a nice job - but an interesting twist is a fried shrimp in a fresh roll - had it at Siam Smile at Ford Dr and Royal Windsor in Oakville. The pho wasn't so so but this roll was very good.

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        1. re: juliewong

          I'm going to check that out when I'm out in the area.
          how is the shrimp fried? battered?

          1. re: ndawg

            It has a very light batter and the shrimp is a good size - actually could be a prawn - so the overall roll is larger than average. Very good.

            1. re: juliewong

              I like the rolls at Hanoi 3 Seasons. They come with a tangy sweet-sour-spicy fish sauce for dipping, which is quite different from other places. The rolls are made to order and are room temperature, which, IMO, is nicer than refrigerator cold. There aren't too big or too small. The best part: very fragrant basil bursting with flavour. Yum!