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Oct 15, 2008 12:53 PM

Alberton's has the best shrimp?

Wild caught Oregon shrimp not the gross black tiger shrimp you find EVERYWHERE else.

They may not be Gulf shrimp and I didn't Oregon even had a shrimp industry but they look better than everywhere else. Whole Foods is surprisingly disappointing as is Gelson's.

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  1. I'm always surprised by the lack of choice in shrimp at L.A. supermarkets. The best I've found are the Louisiana shrimp at Bristol Farms. They're not cheap, but they're almost always available and they're so much better than the tiger shrimp you find at other markets.

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    1. re: Citron58

      The same company owns Bristol Farms and Albertsons, so often you will find the same quality seafood at Albertsons.

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        We always buy shrimp at the Mercardo in the Target Shopping center on East Whittier Blvd east of Atlantic. Big, tasty and delicious and cheap (big turnover here). I think that Mexican/Hispanic markets are a good bet to buy fresh shrimp. Our experience anyhow.

        1. Now all you have to do is figure out just how far an Albertson's is from where you live. Here in Sherman Oaks, you have to pack a lunch to find a convenient one.

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            In Silver Lake/Los Feliz the dank, dark, and dingy, Albertson's on Hillhurst was recently remodeled and is remarkably good for the area. The Von's nearby is ghetto as is the Ralph's. I usually go to Gelson's but its wicked tiny.

            This may be the most boring post ever.

            Some people love Albertson's fried chicken.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. The major supers seem to be less than "super" when it comes to fish freshness. I don't bother looking anymore. Kind of a surprise to hear Alb. has something outstanding.

              1. re: Akitist

                AGREED. A tip--Sundays are hard to get good fish. Not if you live near Beverly Hills. Their farmers market has a fish and shellfish stall with pristine oysters, fish, shrimp and more. And cheaper than Whole Foods.

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                  Because of practices in most markets, I rarely buy seafood in L.A.
                  Albertsons has a brand new store in my city, but the seafood counter always reeks. I have yet to see anything that didn't look defrosted - I don't trust the labels or the hire-du-jour behind the counter. Same goes for Ever Single Store nearby.
                  If I don't go to BF, Trader Joes and F4L usually have some decent IQF product.