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Millstone River Creamery

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I saw their advertisement in a local flyer and decided to give it a try. When I walked in to this quaint little "house" I was immediately greet with the smell of cigarette smoke and stuffiness. I expected an ice cream type of store inside and but it looks like an office with the ice cream being served out of a chest freezer. At first I thought I was in the wrong place. I decided to buy a few pints. The ice cream was delicious however it makes me wonder how clean the place would be if it smelled so bad like cigarettes. I don't think I would order again.

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  1. Can anyone provide the address - thanks.

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      33 North River Street
      Millstone, NJ
      (Off Amwell Ave.)

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        Did they offer anything interesting in the way of flavors? What flavors did you try? I love ice cream and this place is quite close to where I live so I may stop by.

    2. Thank goodness for the signs... that's what drew my attention to the place while driving through Millstone. My wife, who was in the car, thought the name too "Frozen Marble Slabbery" and vetoed the visit. Well, I found out on a return trip that she has nothing to worry about. This is the Anti- IcedCrapSlappery if ever there was one.

      Its all about the ice cream here. They only sell pre-packed to-go ice cream in three sizes, I don't know the exact volumes, but the prices are 3,4, and 6 dollars. They do have plastic spoons and napkins. I guess they know about people who eat secret car food. They have around 10 regular flavors and one or two limited editions. The "squarest" flavor is strawberry, the rest have 2 or 3 words in their names (a good thing!) What I have tried was really top-notch, as a matter of fact, all consumed in my car, and I couldn't even wait for it to come up to temperature before devouring.

      As a previous poster described, the look of the place is pretty bare... almost Soviet. If you've ever been to the organic cattleman/swineherd/shepherd/poultry person on 206, I think they use the same interior decorator. There was a dog barking somewhere close by, inside the house, I think. I could imagine cigarette smoke fitting in, although in reality the place smelled as fresh as crisp Central NJ late October air to my asthmatic, allergic, medicated, cigarette-hating nose. On the plus side, the people there are nice as can be, and enthusiastic to talk about the product and the business. And as long as they stay out of the kitchen, what's wrong with having animals around? (See: organic meat place, above) I like dogs. Got one.

      I really like this place. Or I should say, this ice cream. (hopping up on the soapbox) This is the type of place that Chowhound was originally meant to be about, way back when the format sucked. (!) I can't say its for everyone, but that's alright. Its a place that will appeal to those of us who value "finds" not because we can be the first on our block to try them (and later on, first on the block to dismiss them), but because we value high quality or artisinally made, or locally produced, or just plain dee-licious food. (off soapbox now).

      The place isn't perfect yet- one of the limited edition flavors, chocolate and toasted coconut, featured an icky mouthfeel from the coconut milk in it- like Dunkin Donuts French Crullers in the pre- Bloomberg days. But the recipe is being reworked. Not that I'm thrilled to have paid for the "bad" stuff... but it wasn't terrible. The flavors aren't as creative as Jeni's or as superobviously organic and local as Witherspoon's, but they are in that vein and who knows what the future will bring...

      So if you want the Gabriel's Fountain or Stone Cold Steve Austinerry experience, Mazel Tov, but skip this joint. If you love good ice cream, if you're a REAL chowhound, if you read Peter Mayle's or Ruth Riechel's memoirs with a little jealousy... go. See ya there.

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        "The place isn't perfect yet- one of the limited edition flavors, chocolate and toasted coconut, featured an icky mouthfeel from the coconut milk in it"

        That sounds very unappetizing, are they aware of the problem?
        What were the other flavors you tried and does it seem like the product is fresh? The place seems pretty out of the way and I'm wondering how fresh the ice cream is.

        You wouldn't happen to have an address for the organic cattleman/swineherd/shepherd/poultry person on 206?

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          Wow you got me. As much as I love ice cream, I have no idea how "fresh" or unfresh" would taste different. I guess I've never had unfresh. Either that or I've ONLY had unfresh! Nah, couldn't be.

          Ever make a homemade pina colada, but you bought the wrong coco product? I did, and I found out that some liquid coconut products have that obvious fat feeling. My guess is the "even better" recipe I heard was coming will use one that dosen't. Or not, who knows? I can't wait to find out for myself though. I really have no idea if they are aware of the problem, or if they even consider it a problem. Remember, Dunkin Donuts sells a lot of French Crullers! Just not to me or, I guess, you. ; )

          The other place is called Simply Grazin', I think they have a website. Its a bit south of Dutchtown-Harlingen Road on 206 in Montgomery, on the right if you're headed south.