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Best Lobster in LA area?

My new englander wife wants nothing more than a good lobster for our anniversary.
What are our best bets in L.A. County?

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        1. re: New Trial

          one more vote for the palm.

          honestly though, i also like Ruth's Chris for lobster - i like the sides they offer, and it's an easy clean meal.

      1. I don't know if it's the best lobster in LA, but the lobster I had at The Lobster was good. The restaurant has a nice view and you can walk down to the beach after dinner.

        1602 Ocean Ave
        Santa Monica, CA 90401

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        1. re: Pinkayaker

          i think the simply cooked lobster there is good, but the rest of the food is somewhere below mediocre.

        2. I like the lobster served on a paper plate at the unpretentious biker dive atmosphere of the Neptunes Net at the Ventura county line on the PCH. Not quite the Palm you know.

          1. A little masked for its pure new england flavor but I just ate at Crustacean in Beverly Hills which is French Vietnamese Fushion and had several excellent lobster dishes.

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            1. re: laurenb

              Take her to the beach for the day. Quality Seafood is a fish market with live lobster that they will cook for you. They have side dishes you can order, as well as wine and beer. While not anything fancy, it is fresh and oh so delicious.

              Quality Seafood
              130 International Boardwalk, Redondo Beach, CA

              1. re: laurenb

                Great lobster, or any food for that matter, at Crustacean?

                laurenb, did they cut off your tongue before they served your meal? Numbed your taste buds perhaps?

                1. re: ipsedixit

                  Really? Haven't been in a long time, but remember enjoying everything in the same way I always enjoy Chinois. Never changed my life, but consistently fun throwback fusion.

                  1. re: luhkee

                    Crustacean is a success story built on a good premise, tons of money spent on decor and good PR, and a lot of effort in rubbing elbows with the local VIPs. Their food? Everyone has their own palate but I tend to trust ipsedixit's more often than not.

              2. The Lobster in Santa Monica. Definitely your best bet for good lobster plus ambiance for a special occasion.

                1. The best lobster I've ever had was at The Palm....I've been to The Lobster and had lobster at other restaurants....usually they all serve a one pound lobster. I think the The Palm is the best because they have the good selection and preparation. I say best selection because on any given night you can get a 5 pound lobster (to $hare) or a 3 pound for yourself. Steamed or broiled, they do a great job.

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                  1. re: monku

                    why not the House Special Lobster at Newport Seafood in San Gabriel. Probably one of the best lobster dishes and lobster preparations on the face of the planet. And the lobsters they import from the Boston waters are Brobdingnagian in size.

                  2. Seeing as it's an anniversary and I'm a born and bred New Englander myself, I'm going to have to respectfully suggest you NOT go to either Quality Seafood (unless the Missus wants to recreate the scene at Revere Beach with concrete tables, screaming children and public beach bathrooms that are better left un-described. It's an anniversary, save QS for a low key afternoon sometime. Crustacean is an over priced overhyped Beverly Hills scene and won't deliver on the New England you're looking for. The Palm is a great rec. as is the lobster (Like the food at Palm better but Lobster gives you the view and strolling opportunities before and after) and if you want to do dinner at home they have monsters for under 10 bucks a pound at 99 Ranch stores, a big pot, candlelight, maybe some Pioneer sourdough, now THAT's an anniversary. Good luck!

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                    1. re: PinotPlease

                      Thanks for the 'tip' on Crustacean....:).
                      Perhaps it will keep the tourists away....

                    2. I stray a bit, but every October a friend of mine goes Spiny diving and we go to Gladstones with our live lobsters. They cook steam or grill them and serve up sides and chowder. It's also free-Awesome when you have 5 lobsters between two hungry and thirsty diners.

                      Gladstone's Malibu
                      17300 Pacific Coast Highway, Los Angeles, CA

                      1. I've had great lobster at Providence.

                        1. Newport Seafood in San Gabriel is a Chinese restaurant specializing in giant lobsters and crabs at a pretty reasonable price prepared in different ways. 626-289-5998.
                          I was there not to long ago and was very satisfied.

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                          1. I'm from Boston too and while you can't get a Union Oyster House lobster here, you CAN get a decent lobster at the Redondo Pier AND you can get steamed Ipswich clams there too!
                            I think it's the only place to get those in Los Angeles. Makes me homesick.