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Oct 15, 2008 12:30 PM

Help! Brunch for 30, w. village/soho private room

Hey All - I am looking for restaruant in the west vilage or soho that will have 30 people for brunch. prix fixe is fine, but I would really like to make sure we have a private room. Any ideas?

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  1. Mi Cocina on Jane Street
    Only thing is it's LUNCH, not brunch..They do have a private room.

    1. Jane or The Smith

      Blue Ribbon Bakery
      Their downstairs area has lots of nooks and crannies so while it may not be 100% private it will feel like you own that part of the restaurant

      (might be a little bit too small)

      1. You might see if Wallse can accomodate your group in the back room.

        1. Hundred Acres has an enclosed garden/greenhouse room that should fit that many. I had brunch there a few weeks ago and was quite impressed.

          1. A.O.C. on Bleecker & Grove did an amazing brunch a couple of years ago for us in their back garden for about 40 people. I was actually a bit concerned since their staff can be a bit air-headed and kitchen inconsistent but they did a truly wonderful job. They did a buffet of pain perdu, feuille de brique, granola & fruit, coffee, juice, and champagne. Those particular brunch foods there are excellent. People raved.