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Oct 15, 2008 11:30 AM

Samba Grill Brazilian Rodizio?

A friend of mine mentioned Green Field to satisfy steak cravings, but how about this place?

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  1. Green Fields is a rodizio place but, like all rodizio places in the US, it's hampered by the fact that our beef is at root not up to S. American standards. So if you want to pay money to stuff yourself on North American beef, it's a fairly decent place (although you can do better in Astoria or, especially, in Newark and the very expensive Manhattan Rodizio places). Overal, I'd say that if you're going for Brazilian food in NYC don't go for the heavy meat rodizios and instead try a more balanced place like Malagueta's in LIC

    1. I think Samba Grill is way better than Greenfield. There meat is always cooked just right and their buffet table items change all the time. Their sangria is really good too. We have always been satisfied. Worth the visit!

      1. I've heard samba is excellent, but I can vouch for brasillianville grill in astoria. you pay per pound, it is very busy, very fresh. and excellent.