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Oct 15, 2008 11:19 AM

New restaurant on corner of Mass Ave and Comm Ave?

I live in Back Bay and walk by this spot often. On Monday the Converse window ads were down and it revealed what looks like a new restaurant taking shape. Anyone have any ideas about this one?

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  1. It is still for rent. I'll keep my eyes on the space and let everyone know at the first sign of life.

    The Target ads were taken down because they represented multiple violations of zoning codes and the Back Bay Architectural Commission Guidelines for the Residential District.

    1. I live one block down from there too and from what I hear there are still no plans for any new restaraunts. Didn't the "Space for Lease" sign go back up?

      They have to put a restaraunt in there at some point. They still have a bar, outdoor seating, and dessert case. It's just too nice a place for any other type of shop.

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        I couldn't agree with you more. The location is great too. Uni and Clio need some company on that block. Thanks for the info!