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Oct 15, 2008 11:08 AM

PLEASE Check my picks

We are 4 girls (first timers) looking for great food at not-so-stuffy establishments (money is not the issue, we want to have fun):

Thursday: lunch: Napolean House??
dinner: Irene's

Friday: Breakfast: Cafe du monde
lunch: Galatoires
dinner: probably liquid

Saturday: Breakfast: Petunias or EAT
lunch: ?? Acme??
dinner: ??Acme?? any suggestions for this lunch or dinner


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  1. Ohhh, yes! Napoleon house for muffalette's! Cool little place, and a great sandwich. Cafe du Monde is also a great place, but don't wear dark colors or you will bet powdered sugar on your clothes. I can't make any more comments, unless I can remember where we went when we were the a few years back.

    1. All of your picks sound great so far! I have never had a bad meal at Napolean House or Galatoires (a Bloody Mary at Napolean House is a MUST!). I would suggest Mr. B's Bistro and NOLA's for lunch as you do not usually need reservations (but I would call ahead to make sure) and it's not quite as stuffy as it is at dinner. Red Fish is fun for dinner- it's on Bourbon but it's a Brennan family restaurant so you can expect a great meal. The Original Pierre Maspero's is good for dinner as well, right across the corner from Napolean House so very similar environment, and no dinner reservations needed! Oh I am getting hungry just thinking about it! Y'all are going to have a great time!!

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        Mr. B's Bistro is another place that we went and really enjoyed! Nice, but not too fancy.

      2. Unless you're going for raw oysters, I'd scrub Acme. And even if you are going for raw oysters, I'd go across the street to Felix's. If you're looking for seafood in the Quarter, kinda casual, maybe Bourbon House or Red Fish Grill. Or take a walk just past the casino and try Grand Isle.

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          instead of acme..u could always do dragos. Its great. Ive never been to Napoleon house. NOLA is great. ( great suggestion) Also i really like Bourbon House is good too. Most of the breannans are pretty good in the quarter: Bacco, Redfish, Bourbon House.

        2. Reserve the front room at Irene's. I'd go to Commander's for Fri. lunch (25 cent martinis, cosmos...). Reserve the garden room. Like sitting in the tree tops. Good food and festive. Take a cab or tthe streetcar, get off at Washington Ave. and walk a couple of blocks toward the river. Can't miss the huge turquoise mansion. They don't do lunch Sat. Galatoire's does. Sunday dinner, go to Rambla ...221 Camp in the International House Hotel. Trendy, fun, casual with really good food (tapas).

          1. If you choose to stay within the Quarter, I'd suggest The Gumbo Shop (wonderful Shrimp Remoulade Salad and great Chicken/Sausage Gumbo) and the Red Fish Grill for lunch and dinner on Saturday. For that Fri. dinner, I recommend Pat O'Brien's Piano Bar as one of your stops. Have a great time!