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Oct 15, 2008 11:05 AM

Puritan Back Room, Manchester NH

Okay, who has been here and did you enjoy the food? If so, what did you order and what would you recommend? Is it open for lunch? Thanks so much!

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  1. As far as I'm concerned, the menu really only needs two items: chicken tenders and mudslides.

    The chicken tenders are the best. They're known in Manchester for them. When you walk in you'll see that almost every table will have at least one order of them. They obviously marinade the tenders in something, I want to say that whatever it is must have pineapple in it. Ask for extra homemade duck sauce. I could drink it through a straw. It's real thin, and not like the duck sauce you'd come to expect from a chinese restaurant. The meal includes a salad. I always get the greek, and sop up the remaining homemade dressing with pita bread.

    The mudslides are made with their own homemade vanilla ice cream. They're pricey, upwards of $9-10 but they are large and stiff. I'd recommend getting chocolate around the inside of the glass.

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      Thanks so much - I want to go now!! And, I love mudslides... Mr. Taxi will be driving!!

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      1. We loved the nachos, perfectly done - loaded with stuff on each nacho. I can' t remember what hubby got but he loved it too. I think I may have gotten haddock which was great. It's great casual, great value, great food. I do hear wonderful things about their chix tenders.

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          Lex, you would not like the mudslides here, you know I am a bartender and as one I know that ice cream in a mudslide is blasphemy,


        2. This is my in-laws favorite restaurant. IMHO it is pretty main stream. My Mother in law always orders the broiled scallop bake (which is topped with ritz cracker crumbs). The rest of the family usually gets the broiled chicken tenders teriyaki. Good food but just not really memorable. Consistent at least. I think my husband likes the fried clams.

          1. I think the Puritan is more interesting for the atmosphere than the food--it's a real slice of Manchester's social life. That said, the lamb skewers are usually good, and the Greek salad is satisfying. It is insanely popular, be prepared to wait at peak times. It's open for lunch, and in a town that rolls up the sidewalks pretty early, it stays open until midnight.