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Soup in LA - Preferrably West Side

Hey there, Hounders...

I am looking for the best place for soup in LA. Ideally, it would be closer to the west side, but we're willing to drive as well.

Also, the place doesn't have to specialize in soup, but it would be cool, if it did. I am anticipating a bunch of ramen suggestions -- that's totally fine, but we'd also like some non-asian cuisine suggestions too, if possible.

We look forward to tasting your thoughts! Thanks!!

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  1. I enjoy the soups at Mrs. Winston's in Santa Monica. I think both locations are fairly near the WLA border. Not the best I've ever had but the veggies are nice and fresh.

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      yum, I really enjoy Mrs. Winston's lentil soup, although it needs to be doctored with a little sriracha. I'm also a big fan of the soups at Clementine and at Surfa's Cafe.

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        Yes, the lentil soup is the best of the lot -- great idea with the sriacha sauce! I also like the veggie chili, which you can doctor with fixings from the salad bar. Tastes great with avocado, cheese, and onions.

    2. Matzoh Ball soap at Nate and Al's.

      1. Clementine's on SM Blvd!
        You can also get them to go by the pint :)


        1. i actually really like the soups at gelsons and whole foods. whole foods has a separate area for seafood soups and "regular" soups. the gelsons soups are at the salad bar usually and the baked potato/bacon is crazy good (if not completely unhealthy).

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            i've had mixed luck with the Whole Foods soups but I got a split pea one there the other day that was awesome!

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              I second the Whole foods split pea - I tried it for the first time this week and it was really really good.

          2. Nichols in Marina del Rey. Great homemade soups.

            I don't like zuchini but if it's on the menu I'll always order their Curried Zuchini.

            ALL of their soups are delicious.

            1. Not west side, but mid city...I lvoe the soups at Erewhon on Beverly and Urth Cafe on Melrose.

              1. for persian soups you will do well at:
                shamshiri grill
                attari sandwich shop (lunch only at attari)

                i also like
                the matzo ball soup at nate 'n als
                and the minestrone served at il fornaio.
                and the soups se

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                  Excellent suggestion re Attari -- their yoghurt soup is awesome!

                2. Turkey vegetable soup is served on Mondays (maybe Tuesday too if there are leftovers) at Fromins around 18th and Wilshire in Santa Monica. It is just a joy and a comfort to have a bowl of this homemade wonder.

                  1. Not on the west side but...Brent's Deli in Northridge had delicious soups. I love their cabbage soup and their mushroom barley. The matzo ball is hit and miss with me. I've loved it...and I've thought it was bland. The cabbage and mushroom never fail.

                    1. Monte Alban's chicken and rice soup. Best in town - has avocado, is spicy, loads of vegetables. Sort of surprised to not see it listed yet!

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                        agree w/ MA.

                        also eastside, try Mario's Peruvian, esp for albondigas.

                        if you're in the valley, the one thing at Delmonico's that is great is the corn chowder - no dairy in it but so creamy.

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                          YC, do you mean the consumme ranchero? Because I think the Sopa de Azteca can be ordered with chicken as well.

                        2. Best single bowl of soup I've had in SoCal was this four-onion soup at the 17th Street Cafe on Montana in Santa Monica. Rich, deep, delicious -- almost like slurping a wonderful gravy. Alas, this was probably at least a dozen years ago.

                          I had a cheddar-beer soup at lunch at Nook Bistro a couple of years back that was really tasty -- had a bit of a spice edge to it so it didn't get too cloying.

                          The best hot'n'sour soup I've had on the westside is at Cheng Du (formerly Chung King) on Pico between Gateway and Barrington. Thick, dark, spicy, and lots of stuff swimming in it, including shredded pork. I have also enjoyed their noodles in spicy beef broth that is offered at lunch only.

                          On weekend mornings, when I've stopped into Taqueria Sanchez on Centinela between Washington and Culver for my shrimp, al pastor and carnitas taco fix, most of the Spanish-speaking regulars seem to be eating a bright red soup loaded with vegetables and other chunky items. I always seem to notice this after I've ordered, so I haven't tasted it, but it smells great and is definitely a crowd favorite.

                          When they reopen after the remodel as both the retail fish market and cafe, Santa Monica Seafood aka Tenth Street Cafe (S/E corner of Wilshire at 10th) will be serving their superior clam chowder. Anybody have any idea how construction is going and when we can anticipate the completion?

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                            A cup of albondigas at Don Antonio's on Pico.

                          2. The Rainbow bar and grill on Sunset has amazing chicken soup.

                            1. My favorite westside soup is Bagel Factory's Sonny Soup at Sepulveda and National in the Von's shopping plaza, southeast corner. If you like spicy, their Very Veggie Chili is the best. I understand the 15 varieties of soup (changed daily) is also kosher. Other locations I have not tried their soup is at Robertson and Cadillac and 3rd one in Torrance at Hawthorne and Torrance. Best fresh made boiled bagels too!

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                                The Bagel Factory does indeed have good soup and really fine bagels -- best in SoCal. But gosh have they gotten expensive, darn near a buck a bagel. The secret is their day-olds, sold in plastic bags by the dozen for about $3.50. If you slice and toast them, like I do, the difference is insignificant. Better still, when you can get them: Their challah loaves, which are basically woven brioche, are wonderful but very dear fresh on Fridays. Come Saturday morning, they are similarly discounted, and make french toast, regular toast, or sliced up into bread pudding to die for. Just beware if you get the last package in front of me.

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                                  I am willing to pay a little more for the best and will keep that in mind next time for the day old bags. Their jalapeno cream cheese (lite) is to die for! and I'm not a big fan of cream cheese. We get a large container of soup which comes with 2 bagels, take an extra large coffee cup, get 2 spoons, and take it to the Landmark theater. The ticket person told us they don't mind outside food.

                              2. Almost forgot -- Amandine has excellent soups that they rotate regularly. I especially like the minestrone, meatball and vegetables, and corn chowder.

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                                  2nd for the soup at Amandine, always great.

                                2. The onion soup at Anisette in Santa Monica is the best I've ever had.

                                  1. There is a different soup daily at Mauro's Cafe in the Fred Segal complex on Melrose. Every day it is amazing. It's made with no cream and no butter with fresh ingredients. It's about $6 and comes with bread.