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Oct 15, 2008 10:40 AM

Buenos Aires recommendations and dining partners

I will be in Buenos Aires for a nine-day vacation Nov 20-29, and need restaurant/bar/club recommendations. I've culled the following list--if I need to delete/add anything, please let me know! My itinerary is almost solely limited to eating and drinking--lunch and dinner, with bars before and after dinner, clubs after that. Also, I'll be traveling solo. If there are any foodies in BA at that time who'd like a fun dining or drinking companion, let me know! I'm always up for meeting new people!

A final thought--as a solo diner, can I hope to stroll into most of these places at peak dinner hours and get a table for one, or a seat at the bar, or should I still make a reservation for one? My Spanish is, shall we say, limited.

Las Violetas
La Cabrera
Campo Bravo or Pura Tierra
Sucre or Maat
Bar Uriarte or Cabernet
Casa Cruz
Don Carlos
La Vineria de Gualterio Bolivar
Tomo Uno
Club 647
Juana M
Cabana Las Lilas
and of course, Casa SaltShaker

Bars and Clubs:
Club Niceto
La Cupertina
Mundo Bizarro
Puerto Uno
Bar 6 or Lobby
Soul Cafe
Bar Sur
Cafe Tortoni
La Cigale
El Alamo
El Gran Danzon
El Cuartito
Park Hyatt Vinoteca

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  1. To restaurants, I would add Don Julio and mention that La Cabrera I generally find to be overrated. Casa Saltshaker is amazing.

    For bars, DEFINITELY hit up Bar 6 for happy hour which is, I believe, 6-8 (its earlier than most BS happy hours so watch out). Mundo Bizarro has changed locations and is not that great anymore - definitely skippable if you have to miss some places. Podesta is also okay but not that great, although they play some fun 70s music sometimes.

    There is a hotel whose name I am totally blanking on, but it is just south of the Microcentro and its very fancy and its decorated all in red . . . anyway on Thursday nights in their bar/lounge they have a live band and the singer is just this amazing Argentine chick who is so badass and puts on the best live show I have ever seen (I've been to many, many shows) she just has the best energy and struts all over the place and it is a small place so she is really basically in the middle of the room the whole time climbing on furniture and singing american rock songs and being awesome . . . ask around about the hotel name. DEFINITELY go there.

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    1. re: Cebca

      Aww shucks, we were going for amazing... ;-)

      I second the recommendation for Don Julio, it's the first place I take visiting friends looking for steak. Great wine list as well.

      1. re: Casa SaltShaker

        Ditto for me on Don Julio. We liked the meat here better than La Cabrera and La Brigada in San Telmo, plus the service at Don Julio was outstanding.

        We were particularly impressed by the blood sausage appetizer at Don Julio.

    2. I would also say dont miss Milion, but go for a couple of drinks on a weekday - the weekends (and Thursdays) are packed and you wont be able to get a table and youll end up sitting with a bunch of study abroad kids on the steps.

      1. I also found La Cabrera overrated. One of my favorite places in the two weeks I spent there was Desde el Alma in Palermo Hollywood.

        1. From your list i can recommend the following.
          To Eat.
          1 647 Dinner Club - excelent food and very cool place.
          2 Osaka - have had mainly really good experiences with the food.

          To Drink
          1 878 - very cool place with great drinks but does not get busy until LATE.
          2 Club Niceto - best club in BA, the best night is Friday and never before 2pm!!

          I hope this helps.

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          1. re: Marco1

            My wife and I are going to the 647 tonight. There have been so many rave reviews of it that I'm hoping that it lives up to the hype!

          2. The nice thing about Campo Bravo is that it's open really late on weeknights (2 or 2:30, I think). We had wanted to go to Las Cholas, also in Las Canitas, but it was closed by the time we arrived after a late flight. Campo Bravo turned out to be a solid alternative. The special Campo Bravo bife de chorizo was well-flavored, if a tad sinewy, and the pasta dish we had was excellent.

            La Cupertina would be a great place for lunch (more of a cafe than a bar/club, though). Definitely the best empanadas of our entire trip! Try the regular sized carne empanadas and the double sized carrot, zucchini, or eggplant ones.