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Oct 15, 2008 10:08 AM

Best ice cream shop in the city

looking for some strawberry and cream ice cream like I had in devon england.

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    1. Im not sure what characterizes the ice cream you mention to be able to give you more specific info...

      But, you can check out the VanLeeuwen ice cream truck. They have wonderful strawberry ice cream.

      They also have a red current and cream that I have not yet tried, but it's on my list!

      Here is a post about it:

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      1. Blue Marble in Brooklyn (420 Atlantic Avenue in Boerum Hill and 186 Underhill Avenue in Prospect Heights has both those flavors. I had the strawberry during the summer and it was wonderful.

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          1. re: taboo

            Cones is outstanding. Definitely my favorite of the city. Try the Hazelnut.

          1. How is Chinatown ice cream factory? People rave about it never ha dit.